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Aaron Zimmerman
Aaron Zimmerman, Service Manager, BMW of Rockville
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Aaron Zimmerman

Service Manager

BMW of Rockville

1300 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

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March 06, 2018

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"A disgrace to the BMW brand"

- JeffH

I am extremely dissatisfied (bordering on outrage) at the smugness, lack of compassion, lack of customer appreciation, and extremely poor customer service that I have received at BMW of Rockville. I have been a BMW customer since 2008; I am now in my third consecutive 3-series sedan. I leased my current vehicle from BMW of Rockville in January 2017. The sales/leasing experience was unremarkable; I have no real complaints regarding the selection, the deal I ultimately received, or the way I was treated by the salespeople (including sales managers). However, the BMW of Rockville Service Center is terrible. Aaron Zimmerman took over as Service Manager almost a year ago, and the department has gone severely downhill. For a brand that purports to pride itself on its reputation for providing a luxury experience, BMW of Rockville treats even long-time customers as expendable, fungible commodities. They are appallingly greedy and cheap; they charge for everything, they refuse to offer any free "extras" or make any concessions, even during protracted and expensive service situations. They have strict, draconian policies (e.g., loaner vehicle check-out periods) that Aaron Zimmerman and his flunkies refuse to relax under any circumstances. They don't offer courtesy washes, and won't detail your vehicle even after taking more than a week to perform thousands of dollars' worth of repairs on it. In November 2016, I brought my car in for service at BMW of Rockville, was told that the work had been completed and checked, and was (of course) charged full price for said work...only to have a cavalcade of warning lights bombard me less than a half mile down the road (because the work actually hadn't been finished, much less double-checked/certified). In February 2018, I brought my next car in for necessary repairs, and experienced myriad problems, many of which seemed to stem from Aaron Zimmerman's terrible attitude and disregard for customers like me. One particularly obnoxious example of BMW of Rockville's unreliable and disingenuous practices was the fact that my blue invoice/service record indicated that my car had been washed; I recorded a video right there in the parking lot showing that the car hadn't been washed AT ALL. When I showed the video to my feckless service advisor, he bumbled through some explanation about how they had intended to wash it, but the automated wash was closed due to the weather/temperature. (Which is fine, in principle...but why lie on the invoice to say that it had been done??) I have many more examples of BMW of Rockville Service Center's ineptitude (if not outright incompetence) and of their manager's smug, disrespectful treatment of loyal BMW customers. Suffice it to say that I will endeavor to avoid working with BMW of Rockville for the remainder of my lease, and I intend to never again lease or purchase a BMW due to my recent experience(s) with Aaron Zimmerman. I hope to be able to persuade my friends, colleagues, and professional contacts to boycott BMW of Rockville as well.

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Apr 13, 2018

BMW of Rockville responded

Jeffrey, You came in here after running over a pothole and damaging your vehicle. You were greeted very politely and were given a free loaner immediately. We provided you with that free loaner for 5 days while we evaluated your car after the accident and worked with your insurance company (the inspection was done on day 1). It wasn't until your insurance company stated that they were going to take another 5 business days to make a decision when I advised that the loaner would need to be returned. Apparently, the insurance policy you have won't cover alternative transportation during a situation like this. That was a decision between you and your insurance company, not BMW Rockville. To be clear, we do offer courtesy car washes as long as it is over 40 degrees. This includes a full hand wash/dry and vacuum. Whenever it is below that or it is down for some reason we offer "rain check" receipts that you can redeem at a later date. I don't know any dealership or repair business that has a practice of detailing every car that comes in for service. We've never advertised that so I'm quite confused why you assumed we were going to be doing that at no cost and then hung up on me when I told you we weren't. As far as price goes, we are very competitive with other area BMW dealerships. In fact, we worked with your insurance company and reduced some of our pricing so you wouldn't have to pay out of pocket. As far as FREE EXTRAS from BMW Rockville; we have car washes, tire pressure adjustments, and all fluid top offs that are offered at no charge. We have free loaners while in for service and/or free shuttle rides. We have free bagels and coffee/tea as well as many other snacks. Detailing services that retail for $250+ we don't offer for free. Keeping a BMW Loaner for 10 days while your insurance company decides coverage of something because of the policy you have, we don't offer for free. Best, Tim Kraemer BMW of Rockville tkraemer@bmwrockville.com

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