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Patty Jones
Patty Jones, Express Service, Belknap Subaru
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Patty Jones

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August 01, 2018

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"Disrespectful, rude General Sales Manager during oil change"

- Ibes

Bought used Subaru from Belknap Subaru spring of 2017 and went back for two oil changes before this brake replacement. A few minor interactions where the customer needs did not seem important, but it's the auto industry so what do you expect. The dealership has two high tables in their waiting area which would be most comfortable spot to work on a laptop. There are also low, comfortable chairs to relax/read in. None of these locations have access to a electric socket...unless maybe you have very long cord and don't mind creating a hazard. The only accessible plug is next to a separate children's area, by a tiny table and tiny chairs. During my two last visits which were oil changes I asked an employee is I could sit at one of the unused desks, of which there are many, along the walls of the large open space. First time they set me up right in front of the entrance. Second time further along the same wall. Did my work, waited, no problems. I don't know if the General Sales Manager was there first time I sat at a desk, but second time was only two weeks ago and I remember that he (Mark Mallahan, General Sales Manager-did not know his name at the time) said hi to me, and never said anything about where I was sitting. Yesterday, I asked and someone put me at a desk - this time on different wall and close to Mark Mallahan, General Sales Manager's office. After I had been working on laptop for about 10 minutes he came up and told me could not sit there. I told him I did not mind moving and had sat there because I could not access an electric socket - if he would just show me where they were located. He hurried me off the desk, and waived me towards the waiting area. I told him I could not find a plug, and he brought me to the children's area, told me I was "All set." and walked away. After thinking about this for a second, I realized I was unhappy with my treatment and walked towards the office of a Business Manager I had a previous and friendly relationship with, to share my experience and thoughts. General Sales Manager, Mark Mallahan, stopped me and asked me what I was doing. When told I was going to speak with the Biz Manager, Mark said, "no, he busy and I'm his boss so you can speak with me." On a whole it was like interacting with a mean dad who forces his reality and dictates the experience to their kid. When I said the location he put me was not ideal, his response was I have a plug and I'm all set. Attempted to restate as it did not seemed I was being heard, spoke over me that there was "private documents" in the drawers. I attempted to explain that the area he put me was for children, and I was not only taking the space away from them should any arrive, but it was not built for an adult. He then told me that I should not just go sit at a desk, I should ask. I responded that that was exactly what I did, so he said the person was wrong to let me sit at a desk. Finally I backed off to attempting to communicate that, "I accept not sitting somewhere you don't want me to but I want to express my dissatisfaction with where you put me, and the way you are treating me." I never got the chance as her simply talked over me and countered everything I said. At one point he told me not only was I all set, but I should be happy with everything. I told him I did not need anyone, himself included, to tell me how I feel, but I think I understand the nature of this situation. This was one of several attempts to politely say "Um...yeah, I'm getting it from you pretty loud and clear at this point." This however was unacceptable to him and he would not let me walk away after stating my reality, instead trying to engage me again until I accepted his version of reality - that I was "all set and happy about it." I never stated that his "doubling down" about private documents was basically stating that he thinks I'm "untrustworthy" and he believes I'm here to steal some type of document or data from a desk where I'm visible to all and clearly working on my computer. I also never brought up the arbitrariness of his behavior based on how many times I had waited at a desk using my laptop before. There was no way he would hear these finer points when he would not even accept that children's mini chairs and table is not perfect for full grown adult. I'm a 49 year old business professional and people often think I'm much younger. I was in a t-shirt and cut of jeans. Was it the way I looked? Was he having a bad day? I tried to do work hunched over for a half hour and gave up. On the way out when I mentioned I would never return to this location again due to the way I had been treated by Mark Mallahan, the General Sales Manager, to the Biz Manger and person in Service who checked me out, they both communicated that they were not surprised and understood, by doing things like rolling their eyes and even saying, "You don't have to tell me, I work with him." If this guy can treat customers like this and he's the top sales management position, I think it says a lot about how treatment of customers are NOT important to this dealership.

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Sep 04, 2018

Belknap Subaru responded

We are sorry you did not have the experience you were looking for...however the General Sales Manager was correct...we do not allow customers to use sales desks. I have discussed this with staff so that no further confusion remains with this issue! Salespeople will no longer direct customers to these areas. We apologize if we did not communicate this in a more customer friendly way!

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