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Bob Crouch
" SO... i called to make appointment, received the run around of 2 people and then had to leave voice mail Next day call back, make the appointment for oil change and warranty issue... Drop off no problems..... I had a poor experience once, but thought i would give them a second chance... Service adviser calls 8-9 times to ask about oil type, tells me instead of 1 day it will take several days due to 7 hours of tech time for warranty issue.. then they call to say another day to do oil change due to tech is sick... really? Then a call twice to verify the type of oil i want (which i told them on the drop off).. then after i pick it up they call to apologize and to ask me to come back to sign the warranty paper work..... what a mess!!!!! do yourself a favor and drive wherever you need to for a different GM dealer..."
"I had a wonderful experience. The service staff took time to explain everything in detail. Fantastic customer service! And the service to my vehicle was beyond my expectations! I will recommend Staffilino Chevrolet to everyone I know!"