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Top Reviewed Employees

Chris Nall, Internet Sales Manager, Certified Benz and Beemer

Chris Nall

Internet Sales Manager
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Danny Quintana, Sales , Certified Benz and Beemer

Danny Quintana

Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Howard "Howie" Kulman, SALES, Certified Benz and Beemer

Howard "Howie" Kulman

Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Bobby Ortega, Internet Manager, Certified Benz and Beemer

Bobby Ortega

Internet Manager
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.

Latest Reviews

February 24, 2017

"Bought Mercedes from your dealership"

- Nancy

Working with Jamie was my first experience with your dealership. He was super. When I picked up the car working with Andy & Travis was a great experience.

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February 23, 2017

"Like no experience I have ever had before...."

- FrankFAudiQ5

My name is Frank. I happen to be a middle aged man who lives in the West valley and works in the East valley. I know what you are thinking..... Well, with happy school age children and a job I truly love, I opt to make the best of it. However, nothing says I need to feed my dependence on fossil fuels during my 56 mile (one-way commute) each day. So, what does an avid middle-aged life-long truck-driving man do? Well, he seeks and finds the smallest possible vehicle to purchase! Remember, I said "middle aged". My prize was the "Range Rover Evoque". Compared to my Platinum Crewmax 4x4 Tundra, it would basically fit in the bed. So, there I was, searching the internet and finding one at Certified Benz and Beemer. I was quickly assisted by Jeff who was a champ from the moment I met him. Things went well through the entire process including the appraisal of which Tom provided a reasonable trade-in price for the vehicle. I wasn't "tickled", but who is? Nonetheless, it was FAIR. I ended up taking an hour off of work and was literally in and out during that amount of time (thanks to the efforts of Travis in Finance) with my new Evoque. I thanked them for their time, and headed off into the sunset. I took the new bad boy home with the image of a James Bond movie playing in my head. After all, it is rather stylish. Proudly arrived home, took the kids and wife for a ride around the neighborhood, and quickly realized this tiny little clown car had one of the worst blind spots I had ever encountered. Had my wife not screamed in horror, I would have hit a very small child on his bicycle who was riding throw a parking lot. You see, I am a big guy (6' 2" and 260#'s), and unless I remove my ribcage, I am unable to see out of the windshield while turning right. This had not been an issue on the freeway or in open areas, but put me in close quarters and this was nearly a catastrophe. This bothered me so greatly, I had my wife drive the car back to the house. I recalled Jeff mentioning a "10 day trade policy". I honestly felt this was a scam. However, literally prayed it was true. There was no chance I would want to keep this godforsaken clown car. I spent the entire evening reviewing the large inventory available and coming up with a few other vehicles I was interested in. At 5am the following morning I sent an email to Jeff...... "Jeff, regardless of the gimmick, fees, or whatever it takes, I need to get out of this vehicle. I found the following stock numbers and am heading there prior to heading to work..... if/when you get this email, please let me know"... Not an hour later, I received a text message "No gimmick, no fees, see you at 8". Let's set one thing straight..... To say this provided a calm like never before experienced would be an understatement. I've made a foolish purchase before in my 20's. Trying to get out of that took nearly an act of God along with my down payment, 12 payments of 100.00, a willingness to tell my college friends how wonderful they were, and the watch I was wearing on that day... LITERALLY! As God as my witness, I pulled up at 8, and Jeff had one of the very vehicles I listed waiting and gassed up for me waiting out front! Are you kidding me right now? Knowing I had a few I wanted to look at, he allowed me to sign a borrowers form, use that exact car for the morning (to get to work), and suggested I come back in order to check out the other vehicles I was interested in. In an effort of condensing the end of this story, I did just as he suggested..... I returned, selected a 2016 Audi Q5 Premiere Pro that looked like it just came out of a showroom, was once again greeted by Tom, quickly expedited through a mere paperwork exchange with Travis, and back on my way in an hour with my MUCH smarter, and MORE WELL thought out purchase. These three guys were amazing. The fact that in this day and age something like this is permitted truly blows my mind. However, I could not be happier, or not speak more highly of these kind and truly caring folks. Well played guys. Well played.

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February 23, 2017

"First 911 Buying Experience"

- J911

I spent several months searching for a perfect vehicle. Considered several makes including BMW, Aston Martin, Porsche and even Jeep. Finally, while searching on-line using the USAA car finder portal I came across this 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera 4s. The description and photos from CBB and USAA's rating of the vehicle led me to believe that my search was over. But, being the skeptic I am, I had to see it to believe it. I did visit CBB, saw my car and WOW! Thanks to Chris Nall, Chris Beaman and Travis Walters, this has been the best car buying experience I've ever had. And I've bought a lot of cars over my 60 year life span.

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