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Alex Rowe, Sales Professional, Dick's Hillsboro Honda

Alex Rowe

Sales Professional
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Anthony Pelpola, Sales Associate, Dick's Hillsboro Honda

Anthony Pelpola

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Marvin Herr, Sales Associate , Dick's Hillsboro Honda

Marvin Herr

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Jeremy Campbell, Sales Associate, Dick's Hillsboro Honda

Jeremy Campbell

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Latest Reviews

January 24, 2017

"Worst experience I've ever had "

- Jcjones114

You will get the run around from everyone here and they will run your credit even if you flat out ask them not to. (I came to them preapproved from my Credit Union. The sales rep (Kelley) told me I need to fill out the credit application to pull my loan pre approval from the credit union. Okay fine but you're not going to run my credit right? Well it's okay on your credit if you have multiple inquires on a loan. They know people loan shop. I know, but I do not want my credit run. Okay I will tell them. A few weeks later I get a letter from them. They ran my credit.) That's the least of my problems as I did buy a new Civic from them with the agreement a few things would be done. One of those things was fixing some scratches. I had to come back to have this done as the "detail guy" didn't work on weekends. No big deal. I schedule time off work and make appointment with the Service Dept. After sitting in their lobby for TWO HOURS, I'm told by Brodie it won't be done because previously mentioned "detail guy" didn't show up today and they couldn't get ahold of them. I'm told they will be in touch. No one calls me. I email Kelley, who sold me the car, my displeasure of wasting my time in their service dept. I then get a voicemail from the general sales manager Michael. I call him back and leave a voicemail. Never hear from him again. I email Kelley again and tell her I just want my car fixed and it needs to be on a Saturday/Sunday as I can't take more time off work. I get a call from Brodie telling me he can get me on Saturday as the "detail guy" will be in. Great, let's do that. I sit in the lobby yet again for an hour to be told that Mr Detail Guy didn't show up again and that he could be in later but he's not answering his phone. However, they tired to buff it out but it needs more than a quick buffing. It's going to be more extensive. "We'll be in touch and try to schedule our detailer with you again". Four days go by and no call. I email Kelley yet again to let her know I'm livid now and this beyond ridiculous. Then I get a call from Rich, the Service Dept Manager. He's agreed to drive a car out to me, pick up my car, have the scratches fixed and bring it back. This is scheduled now on a Friday and everything goes according to plan until I call after they have my car for 3 hours and Rich tells me that it's at a body shop (detail guy didn't show up for the 3rd time I guess) and they'll need it until Monday. He tells me it's going to require more work than we thought. That it's not just buffing. I told him you knew it was not just buffing, I was told this the last time I came down. He couldn't tell me a reason why it's couldn't be done that day other than that. I told him this is the third time you've had my car. Now you want it for days to just fix scratches?! I scheduled this to be done today, it doesn't take DAYS to fix scratches, and if it does, why wasn't this allotted for when I scheduled this for the THIRD time. He offered to reschedule for a different time to keep my car for 3 or 4 days. Why? So I can have my car sit there and not get done like the last 3 times you've had my car? No thank you. I have now completely given up on them. I will just look at the scratches as a reminder or a conversation piece to anyone who will listen about how much Dicks Hillsboro Honda sucks.

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December 30, 2016

"Incompetent - Issue not resolved after multiple visits"

- NK

I bought a 2016 Odyssey EXL with RES about an year ago and now have about 6500 miles on it. While taking delivery of the vehicle after purchase, I noticed that the tail gate doesn't open with a smooth action. It opens halfway normally and then bounces/shudders till opens completely. The service team was not fixing this issue until their service manager Rich intervened and made them fix this. A couple of months back, I noticed that the tail gate makes a screeching noise while opening. This issue is fixed after 4 visits to the dealership. Once this issue is fixed, the shudder while opening the tail gate is back. The service adviser has no clue how to fix this issue. He agreed it works fine once a while in 10-15 attempts. It opens fine manually. So the delta (manual Vs Power) is the motor. Initially he planned to change the motor but later ended up changing the struts which did not help in fixing this issue. I am member of a Odyssey forum where I found few other owners with the issue and changing the motor fixed the issue. I sent an email to the service adviser regarding the same along with the link, but he is not ready to do so as he needs to hear it from Honda USA. I am not able to post the link here due to the policy of the website. I received a call on 12/27 stating to pick up my vehicle as they are not able to fix the issue and it happens on new vehicles as well. I went there on 12/28 just to find that the vehicle is not ready -The parts they removed were not but back. This issue and the way they handled it left me without peace.I wanted to scream and say, this worked fine before you changed the struts to fix the screeching. noise. Please search '2016 honda odyssey tail gate issue' in youtube for video Now they say, this is normal. Does this look normal to you?? Because of the sound it makes while opening, I am worried the tail gate might drop down some time.

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December 18, 2016

"2006 GMC Denali"

- Happy camper

I got an awesome deal they took care of all the nooks and crannies excellent staff professional salesperson tyanna it was well worth the trip going over Highland look forward to dealing with them again

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