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Fisker Dealer Reviews

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"I've always had 2nd hand cars. I just reviewed the dealership after buying a new Focus which prompted me to come here and do an on-line review as well. These guys were great and they made my first new car buying experience a pleasant one. My FICO was just barely enough to squeak by to get their 0% financing. And now with Trump coming into office, I don't want to be caught driving a foreign car. These guys have the perfect American cars."
"I totally agree with the reviews!! When buying the vehicle they act as if they care and blab away like they'll Help you in all reality she has the worst attitude!! And doesn't give a xxxx about customer service!! Whether it be a loss of a job, a family member, medical issue they don't give a xxxx!! I'm trying my hardest to get rid of my car I have recently purchased through them!!! Would never ever recommend this company!!! Have been told by multiple companies they over charge for their vehicles as well!! "