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"I had a truly unique and unexpected buying experience when I dropped in to Starwood's showroom without an appointment after browsing cars online. I was in the market to buy a Fisker, but had done substantial research and knew that only a select few available in the market would be worth the risk for purchase. While a Fisker dealership had just opened near where I live in Ft. Worth, Starwood had a few rare models in inventory. So when I showed up in cut off sweatpants, a sleaveless shirt, with one arm in a sling from a shoulder surgery two days prior, Bri Forrest approached me as a serious buyer even though I looked like a bum who'd wandered in from the streets. After I'd inquired about the Fisker's I'd viewed online, she instinctively suggested that I take a look at one they had just bought that wasn't even listed online yet. Had Bri not had the wherewithal to redirect my focus in that moment, I would not now be the proud owner of a true one of a kind engineering marvel. So thank you to Davis, John, and particularly Bri for making the experience such an enjoyable one!!"
"This place is every used car salesman's stereotype rolled into one. Super shady and dishonest. The salesman that took our trade in said he knew our transmission was about to die but he was going to sell it anyway and let the next people deal with it. "Not my problem." They use every tactic in the book to increase their bottom line. Customer service is great, until they get what they want. Otherwise, they turn rude and aggressive. We had a problem with a car they sold us just the day before and the plaza manager told us, "look, we only care about the numbers." They'll charge you for everything they possibly can. Do NOT trust these people."