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"I totally agree with the reviews!! When buying the vehicle they act as if they care and blab away like they'll Help you in all reality she has the worst attitude!! And doesn't give a xxxx about customer service!! Whether it be a loss of a job, a family member, medical issue they don't give a xxxx!! I'm trying my hardest to get rid of my car I have recently purchased through them!!! Would never ever recommend this company!!! Have been told by multiple companies they over charge for their vehicles as well!! "
"The manager assigned to my car very helpful as far as explaining tire wear and rotation results. He came and talked to me to give me updates when my car was being serviced too. I have had 4 recalls and one oil tire rotation service done at Akin. I was able to talk with the service rep assigned to my car. Usually I find they just take the vehicle and do what ever then you pay ...done. Not at Akin! They are polite and check back with you periodically. The waiting area has complimentary drinks and computer area for you to use. I noticed many people were working on computers as they got car service done. Bathrooms are big and clean as well. I always have had a great service experience at Akin and will buy my next car there. We have been impressed with the phone communication as we go through the recalls on all 3 of our Dodge vehicles. Akin people have made it easy to stay in touch as we waited for airbags to become available Very impressive. Thank you. "