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"I Made an appointment to have my car serviced. When I took it in, they took it rite in. I waited in the service lounge and enjoyed a bottle of "cold water", (it was a hot day). They did everything they said they would do. Would highly recommend Hyundai Service. Peter O. Maselli Feel free to edit and use if you like. I believe it was Wade that I worked in the service department. "
"I'm a new Genesis owner and this was my first attempt at getting the car serviced. I called twice to book an appointment, but kept getting out on hold and had to leave my number for a callback from the dealership. I never got a return call from the dealership. Very frustrated, I tried to book an appointment online, which was successful. The actual experience was very good at the dealership and I now have a direct line for a service representative , so I'm hopeful all future service experiences will be good. "