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"I spent over four months searching for a new car at an affordable price from an honest dealership. I literally put together deals and walked out on two cars in that time frame. I was SERIOUS about what I wanted with this purchase. I was at the end of my rope and getting angry when I called Ford Country and spoke with Eric Grant. I told him straight up that I wasn't even walking on the lot unless we had a few items determined already, which I enumerated, and invited him to call me back when he had the information. No one else had called me back from those calls. Eric called me within an hour. He had found my information and lined up what I needed. He was so polite when he invited me (still angry) to come down and talk to him. Fast forward six hours when I walked on the lot. We drove that car, talked about the few repairs I wanted, and then went in for paperwork. This was were things always got long and ugly at dealerships... you ladies know what I mean! "Have some popcorn, ma'am" .... "Would you like a water?" .... "It will just take us a minute to..." Blah, blah, blah. This place was different. We had a few miscommunications but Eric was very reasonable about finding solutions and holding up his end of our bargain. Eric spoke to me like an equal, even with me ready to fight my way through everyone. *High Five!* I BOUGHT that car. I LOVE that car. And I have not lost a moments' sleep since I got it. THESE GUYS ARE GREAT."
"I came to the dealership looking for a FR-S and I saw a blue one on the lot. Mr, Dobbins came out and introduced himself and stated he had one on the showroom floor he wanted to show me. Once in the show room I immediately saw it was a 2015 FR-S Limited Edition Release Series 1.0. I looked the car over and said I wanted to go home and do some research on this particular series. The next day I met with Mr. Dobbins and stated if I could get a good number for my trade we may be able to do some business. I was not happy with the amount of the trade being offered but Mr. Dobbins spoke with the new car sales manager to see if a deal could be made. The next thing you know there were 3 managers in an office working on the deal and within 30 minutes they gave me an offer I could not refuse. I got a limited edition FR-S, an increased amount for my trade without the excess being placed on the new car, excellent interest rate from Toyota, and excellent service from Mr. Dobbins, the sales manager, and the finance manager. They went out of their way to make the sale work even with the amount of negative equity I had on my car. These guys are professionals that will work through all challenges to ensure the customer is satisfied 100%. Thanks Mr. Dobbins for showing me the limited edition car, and thanks to the rest of the team to make this deal work. I could not be happier with this dealership. "