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Beaver Chevrolet

Jacksonville, FL

823 Lifetime Reviews Review Dealership

3494 Phillips Hwy

Jacksonville, FL



Latest Reviews

April 15, 2021

"If there were a ZERO, that would be my rating!The..."

- NotHappy

If there were a ZERO, that would be my rating! The car-buying experience was fine. Fast-forward almost 2 years and our experience is much different. The service department at this dealership is deplorable. We have taken our vehicle in two times for the A/C failing and because they are unable tp duplicate it inside their shop, they say we've been imagining it. At least 4 trips to the west coast of FL, the air gives out right around Gainesville and unless we stop, turn off the car for 10 minutes or more and then start it back up, it will not correct. We can put the fan onto the highest setting and NOTHING comes out of the vents, but you can hear it running behind the dash...but no air. The last time this happened, we had our dog in the back seat and we had to pull over to let her cool off in the shade and get her out of the car. As soon as the heat in FL is over 80 degrees, this is unbearable in a vehicle that is out in the sun. I cannot believe that Linda Beaver or any other face of this company can be satisfied with this type of treatment of their customers. To have the car for 3 weeks, NOT take it out for a long drive to try to duplicate the circumstances, to tell us we have IMAGINED this problem and then to attach a passive aggressive document to our invoice showing us how an air conditioner works? Are you kidding me? I have never treated anyone like this and we have been SO patient and kept the service department in the loop as we experienced these issues and still, no resolve. If you want a new car, I would not recommend Beaver Chevrolet. We were fooled by the commercials...they did not wow us. It is unacceptable to be paying for a car that is under 2 years old and having these issues that they refuse to fix. I have video that is date/time stamped showing where we can't feel the A/C any longer after we'd been driving in town for a long while. I will keep documenting this and keep adding to my file on this vehicle. I'm interested if they'd been able to "find the problem" once it's all out of warranty and the responsibility is on me to pay out of pocket...oh I bet they'd find plenty wrong then. For the record the unhelpful and rude service technician who was nasty to my husband is Emmanuel. They're also very behind in servicing vehicles because so many are in need of repair...that should be a giant red flag to the quality of their product. I'm just so disappointed and so very disheartened.

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Employees Worked With

Emmanuel (Service Department)

March 23, 2021

"I purchased a used truck 17 gmc Denali 30k milesTest..."

- Mmckinzie

I purchased a used truck 17 gmc Denali 30k miles Test drive went fine gas light was on. While signing paperwork lot porter washed it and filled the gas tank. Before I could make it home 5.4 miles it had a terrible misfire and shook the truck. Called the dealership and they said o you have the high performance 6.2 that requires 93 fuel and lot guy filled with 87 Just run it out and fill back up with 93 and it’ll be fine Took 9 days to run it out and drove extremely poor Filled with 93 like we run in our other Denali. Still had a misfire but 80 percent better so at this point I’m assuming it’s got a few fouled plugs Set up an appointment to have it looked at. Again this is day 9 Set the appointment a few days out on Monday They had truck for 12 hours Added a fuel additive and did not check out why the misfire was happening. After talking with a manager in service they said the sales manager declined any repairs. So I went and talked to a sales manager his name was Chance Basically says you bought truck as is the dealership is not coming out of pocket to repair anything. One I did not buy as is it came with a 90 day warranty. Chance replies that’s a power train only warranty Last time I checked engine is part of power train. O your extended warranty won’t kick in till after 30 days chance replies Again dealership gave me a 90 day warranty He replies Your trying to get us to pay for it correct? I said yes you lot guy put wrong fuel in it now it has a misfire that was not present during test drive but was before I got home. He said I’m not paying to fix anything you bought the truck as is And if you want anything fixed come back after the extended warranty kicks in

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Employees Worked With

Bernie Melara
Other Employees : Chance,

March 19, 2021

"Jamie moore is by far the best sales man there !! He was..."

- Crystaljordan1995

Jamie moore is by far the best sales man there !! He was professional! Laid back and not pushy like most salesmen are ! I highly recommend him

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Employees Worked With

Jamie Moore