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Mike Green, Sales Manager, Gale Toyota

Mike Green

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March 28, 2018

"Poor service from Gale Toyota and the service manager "

- Griffin 1

This is the second issue dealing with Gale Toyota's service dept. First issue was they did not do everything they told me they did on my 5000 service. When I ask if they did everything for my 5000 service I was told yes. Then they offered me a free 5000 service for not doing what they were suppose to do on the previous service. I go back in yesterday for another 5000 service. This was my free service they offered me. I get home I find grease finger prints on my passenger side door handle, same on the right and left front fenders, also grease prints on my hood and grill area along with two fresh chips in the paint on the top of my left front fender right where some of the finger prints were. This is a WHITE truck how can't you see grease finger prints on it. I reported it to the dealership. I received a call from the so called service manager Richard Golden this morning. He said I should of brought the truck back so he could wipe the finger prints off. Pretty stupid thing to say to a customer when I live 15 miles from the dealership one way. What happen with doing a good job the first time. Richard was more concerned about defending his service techs than he was to anything I had to say. I asked what did I do to get this kind of service from Gale Toyota. Then I figured it out. I went back and gave them a second chance. Poor service work and very poor customer relations from there so called service manager. Oh and by the way you don't have a low enough rating on your chart below to rate this dealership service dept. I have lost total faith in this dealership. Its sad because it makes everyone at the dealership look bad. Who can you trust anymore? It's certainly not Gale Toyota's service dept.

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Jeanelle Boutwell service writer no problem with her. Richard Golden

January 01, 2018

"they ripped me off "

- dalvin m

well this review took me a long time to write and it's because i don't usually like to talk bad about anyone but... I purchased a car from them on august 31 2017 and it's January 1 of 2018 and the car needs a lot of work done to it.. only 4 months ?? i spent 13,000 on a car and have to put in a few thousand dollars 4 months later ?? when i got it i had to go back and get an axle fixed and guess what they didn't fix it and managed to avoid the noise it makes when it's bad and you take a sharp turn.. They supposedly took it to the Subaru dealer and fixed it but now both axles are broken and i have to come out of my pocket to fix it on top of the 13,000 i payed for the car.. Another thing is the rubber that goes around the inside of the door. came a month after i had the car and that's after the 2-3 weeks they had my car for repairs after i purchased it... Last thing is my wheel bearing sounds like i'm in an airplane it's so loud.. when i asked why the car sounds like that when i first bought it the salesman said that's how Subarus sound and me not knowing much about car thought it was fine until i took it to a Subaru dealer near me and they told me everything that was wrong with my car and let me test drive the same car from their dealership... I'm super pissed about all of this and just want to prevent anyone going there and getting ripped off.... oh and i had a few free oil changes and haven't gone back to get them I've paid for the oil changes I've gotten just to avoid any more problems with this dealership... super unprofessional

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September 19, 2017

"Not totally honest on a new car deal"


I closed a deal for a 2018 Avalon Limited but they came back and said they would not do the door edge guards that were previously agreed on. I told the sales person that this was nickel and dime tactics and I would take my business elsewhere. Within 30 seconds they said OK that would do the Toyota door edge guards. So what went wrong, they had a company come in and put on the body side molding and the door edge guards. When I picked up the car they showed me the door edge guards that were a clear plastic strips running down the edge of each door. Within a week one of them started coming off the door so I went on Toyota's web site and found that these were not Toyota's edge guards. They should been Toyota's metal color coordinated edge guards but instead they were CHEAP plastic film strips that were put on most likely for free or no more that a couple of dollars their cost. A pretty crappy tacit for a car costing over $40,000. I sent them the below email (I removed the salesman name): "Salesman, after one the door edge guards started peeling off I went on line to look at the official Toyota edge guards. Guess what I found out, the stuff you guys put on my car was not the real Toyota edge guards, rather some cheap clear thin plastic crap. Very disappointed that Gale Toyota would pull such a stunt and try to beat a customer out of a $75.00 your cost item! This is what it should have been: • Thermoplastic-coated stainless steel is precisely matched to the exterior finish • Compression-fitted to door edge contours • Blend seamlessly to complement exterior styling I am think about going straight to Toyota and complain, this is the ninth Toyota I have purchased, the third from Gale and it will be the last I buy from Gale. By the way Salesman, you knew those were not the real door edge guards (at least you should have), why did you let them pull that crap on one of your repeat customers?" I did get a call from the salesman the following day and he tried to defend their actions saying the ones they put on should not have been peeling of and maybe it was because it was a humid day when they put them on. They also offered to get the real Toyota ones in and get them installed. I reiterated they had tried to cheat the customer and not to try to defend the actions they took. I also declined their offer to attempt to correct the situation since I never intend to do any further business with them.

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