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Landmark Honda


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5125 Duke St, Alexandria, Virginia 22304
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Alina Iturbe, Customer Service, Landmark Honda

Alina Iturbe

Customer Service
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October 26, 2018

"I got kicked out from service station !!!!!!!!!!"

- Life is good

“Mr Service Manager” walked me out of your service station telling everyone that I am not welcome here anymore when the “Mr Service Manager” (Brian) attempted to charge me 2 times for the same service. When I questioned him about why the 2nd charge, he stated that I signed for it upon drop off. Which is total bull crap. The first invoice I paid $139 and I was NEVER told upfront about a diagnostic or checkout for a TIRE PRESSURE LIGHT!!! On the invoice it even states (typed in) “No authorization at this time - Checkout Only”!! Clearly, upon original drop off I did not approve a diagnostic, but I still paid it at the end regardless. The second trip in I was told I owe 75. At that point when I asked why, the “Mr Service Manager” immediately backed off and said he will not charge me.... but then announced to your entire service team that I am not welcome. Hopefully this will help assess your Grade A Service Manager (he’s actually an assistant service manager that claims to be the top dog). Maybe he is costing you more than just 1 customer. Hope this helps. This is Brian Cail we are talking about.

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Other Employees : Brian Cail

October 11, 2018


- jcalexasr-insight

I’d like to thank Adeel for his professional service and attitude toward assisting me with purchasing my new Honda, he did a great job!

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Minhaj Adeel

September 25, 2018

"Great salesman in the world "

- Luvla

Fitsum Ogbe is an awesome salesman and I referred everyone To him who want to buy a Honda. An awesome salesman!!!!’ Keep Fitsum forever!! Thank you

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Photos & Amenities

  • Less than 1/2 mile from Landmark Mall
  • Walking distance to the Library
  • Local Park and Restaurants
  • After Hours Drop-Off
  • Cable TV
  • Customer Lounge Area
  • Free Coffee
  • Free WiFi
  • Authorized Parts Store
  • Shuttle Service
  • Television
  • Vending Machines
Landmark Honda, Alexandria, VA, 22304