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Major World Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM


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50-30 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, New York 11101
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December 03, 2018

"Grand Cherokee 2019 Limited "

- Shorbox123

Just got the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. It’s a great suv. So many features it will take awhile to learn them all. Jennifer was a great help in leasing another vehicle from this dealership.

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November 09, 2018


- Gls103

Sebastian was an awesome salesperson I am Leaving with new Jeep today Helpful, amicable and accessible. He Answered all my questions and more. Very happy!!!

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Employees Worked With

Sebastian, Kenny, Jennifer.

June 12, 2018

"Dishonest and Deceptive Be Aware "

- MajorScamWorld

This major world is full of nothing but scam artists and liars. My husband and I back in 2015 leased a Chrysler 200 Limited 2015 and 3 years later our lease was coming to an end this coming July 2018 so of course we started receiving the offers to trade in the car and get another lease but we were currently closing on an apartment and didn't want to change cars until we absolutely had to in July. We went in to this major world on March 31st 2018 just to look around and see what would be in our price range because we didn't want to increase our monthly expenses and we were yes’d to death and lied to. It started with them wanting to take a look at the Chrysler our current car to which we explained that we wanted to take it in somewhere to buff out any natural scratches especially on the rims of the car which is inevitable to which Sebastian our representative at Major World told us that that was “not something to worry” about that they would take a look at the car to assess if they could take the car “as is”. So with seemingly nothing to lose we show them the Chrysler and Sebastian told us that they were going to take pictures and it took about an hour and a half for them to come back to us and say okay we can take this car we can swap it out no problem and we asked during the seven hours that we were there because of course the paperwork took forever if we were going to get a bill, if we were responsible for anything on the Chrysler, Etc and each time we were told no again that they took the car as is and no worries. About a week ago my husband received a bill from Fusion which is where the Chrysler car came from and we were being charged over $1,000 for excessive wear-and-tear. This included a hole in the back of the car which was not done while we had the car! Of course we went back to major world this past Saturday and asked for clarification and all we were met with from Jeff the manager and Sebastian were incredulous looks and “what are you talking about that's your responsibility”. We explained and rehashed everything that happened on March 31st to which no one recalled any of those conversations or the handshakes that followed. In the following days no one did what they said they would and they (Sebastian, Jeff and Customer Service Rep. Jennifer) simply led us on in order to run out the clock on our 30 day grace period where we could have returned the new car without a penalty. Plus they lied and said the car was taken to Fusion the next day so April 1st but when we spoke to Fusion we found out they didn’t get the car til the 20th meaning Major World had the car for 20 days. Strongly recommend steering clear of this place. After having this experience I've talked to many people who have leased or bought a car and they've never dealt with anything remotely like this so there are other and better places.

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Employees Worked With

Sebastian and Jeff

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