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Delina Negron
Delina Negron at Honda of Staten Island
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Delina Negron


Honda of Staten Island

1232 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10305

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1 Review of Delina Negron

September 26, 2020

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"Recently bought a 2017 Honda Accord Touring from Honda of..."

- alid3

Recently bought a 2017 Honda Accord Touring from Honda of Staten Island. I live nearly two hours away and conducted most of my business over the phone with Lauren from BDC. Although they wouldn't budge on their prices I still decided to go ahead with this vehicle because of the touring package and low miles. Lauren was excellent throughout the entire process! Edyta was quite fair in handling going over the car and giving us her time in a timely manner. Elias was kind enough to go over the car as well. My first impressions on the car were a little lower than expected due to the baseball sized dent, multiple hard scratches, and paint blemishes. I decided to test drive it locally as I couldn't take it on the highway, and it drove smooth! Being a used car I came to terms with the fact that it may not be perfect and may have some imperfections. Still, I kept an open mind and purchased the car for their asking price on paper. Papers signed, done deal. When I left the dealership for the two hour drive home, I couldn't help notice the terrible car vibrating and shaking as soon as we got on the highway! This occurred the whole time from 65-75mph(kept the car steady at 70mph). When I arrived home it turns out that three out of four tires are completely different and one of the tires has a bubble forming on the sidewall! The next day upon further inspection, it turns out that two wheels are damaged and bent!! Explains the tire bubble and shaking while highway driving. I immediately contact the dealership and no one had picked up the phone for two day. I left voicemails for Elias and got no response. The only contact I had was with Lauren in BDC through email. I was furious by how Honda of Staten Island sold me a car with bent wheels and a bubble tire! I accepted the imperfections of the car on the body, but had I known the wheels and tire damages, I would Never have bought the car! It's not likely one can see bent rims. This is a hazard to anyone on the road if god forbid the tire blew out, or if the tire was leaking more air. Since my four days of ownership the tire has already leaked air on me and the "Low Tire Pressure" light came on. This should be considered more than just a cosmetic defect, and instead is a safety hazard. I eventually got a hold of Delina, and was told that I purchased the car "as is" and they wouldn't replace the bent wheels or replace the bad tire. I was told to bring it down to service so they'd do an alignment...which does NOT help my bent wheels! I was told the vehicle was inspected prior to my purchase. The way I see it is one of two ways: 1- The dealership inspected the car completely and knew of the wheel/tire damage, lied to me and said it was good, then sold it to me..or 2- The dealership did not inspect it at all and just sold it to me "as is". This to me does not sit well at all. I can accept the cosmetic imperfections but this level of service and hospitality is unacceptable! All I want is the dealership to do is what's right and replace the damaged wheels and tire. My conversation with Delina just goes to show the dealership does not care for the safety of their customers. What a shame. I hope the dealership can take responsibility and replace the bad tires and wheels as it is a matter of safety according to the NHTSA. Overall, this dealership in particular does not live up to any Honda dealership standards that I have done business with in NY or NJ, not even close.

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Other Employees Tagged: Elias Ashkar, Edyta Wozniak

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