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"The service rep quoted me on a second 2007 Saab key - about $130 total. This included the cut metal key from the factor and then the black plastic cylinder (into which the metal key fits) that actually goes into the ignition. Fine. I ordered it, paid for it and they told me it would take 2-3 days. Twenty days later, I still had not received a call. I stopped by. The parts guy, whom is pleasant looks for it and says "Saab messed up. It isn't here. I'll have to order it again." They had my money but they didn't have process to match paid for items outstanding orders? Then, the ordered cut metal key comes in from Saab parts and they have it at the desk - but not with the ignition cylinder. That takes time. They finally come up with what I need to start my car. BUT NO, programming that black cylinder costs an extra $49 which the service rep has neglected to tell me. If I want the KEY TO ACTUALLY FUNCTION, it has to be programmed - but service rep said they could not do it that day. So, I have to come back the next day. The labor ticket is for .5 (half) an hour, $49. However, the technician drives it off and then drives back and only 14 minutes have elapsed. Not only was I over-charged for labor, but also the service rep made the call that the technician couldn't spare 10 minutes the day before? Really? There are at least 5 service errors made here and they made no apologies. "
"I live in Kennebunk port Maine and bought my 2003 Saab at Gary Blake. I trust their service and prefer to travel to Exeter for service."