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Puente Hills Ford

17340 East Gale Avenue, City of Industry, California 91748
Sales: (626) 415-6277

Makes: Ford | Lincoln | Service Center
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Puente Hills Ford
17340 East Gale Avenue,
City of Industry, California 91748
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"False Advertisement and Threatening Staff"

Short version: Puente Hills Ford refuses to sell me a used car for the FULL PRICE listed $11,995 cash, unless I agree to buy a Limited 3 Year Paint and Interior Cloth Warranty for $500-2000 on top of listed vehicle price. Long Version: Puente Hills Ford listed a 2010 used Subaru Forester for $11,995 on autotrader. I called to check that the car listed was available for a test drive, I confirmed the price on the phone with one of the sales representatives of $11,995, and was told the car would be ready for me when I arrived. When I arrived I waited approximately 60 minutes for the staff to "find the car" they stated they had just received the car and they were unsure of where it was on their lot. I was a bit hard on the initial sales guys, giving him crap for making me wait so long because I had called an hour ahead of time to confirm and the car was ready. Well eventually they found the car, and our initial sales guy decided he didn't want to deal with me anymore so he had a younger newer sales guy help us out. So me and the young sales guy went on a test drive. Car was fine, price was fine, happy with the test drive. We now go back inside and sit down and start filling out paperwork with the younger sales guy, he offers us some "Platinum Warranty" type thing that covers paint and fabics of the car. I decline, he says that's okay he just "has to ask" because his job requires it. He then says he needs to quickly grab his boss so we can continue with the deal. So about 15 minutes later his boss comes in and again tries to sell us this "Platinum Warranty" for paint and fabric for $2000, I decline again. He states "what if we can lower to $1000 extra and your walking out the door with a warranty and the car for $13,000?". I decline again. He then gets into a long explanation on how their pricing works and that they sell cars lower price than 97% of their competition and that they make no money off the sale of a used car trying to explain that the reason its important for them to sell this "Platinum Warranty" is that without it they are losing money on the sale. I decline again. So the "boss" leaves to "talk to his manager", I sit around for another 30 or so minutes while I watch the "boss" takes a coffee break and wait for papers to print". When the "boss" comes back he brings papers showing other Subaru Foresters selling for $14,000 and that we are getting a deal for $13,000 with the warranty. I decline again to purchase the warranty. At this point I state that I will either be purchasing the car for the listed price of $11,995 or I will be walking away. The "boss" lowers the price of the "platinum warranty" again to only $500 on top of the $11,995. I state once again I will not pay a dime over $11,995 for the car, and then I ask where he is going to sale me the car for advertised price or not? He states "I am going to sell you the car for the listed price, but not without the "platinum warranty". He then states "I have the right to refuse service to anybody" and says that if he doesn't want to sell me the car for the listed price he doesn't have to. Not only was he rude but he was extremely threatening. When I tried to tell him that "I don't care how much other Foresters sell for I want it for the price its listed for on their website and on autotrader", he tells me "you need to stop talking". He became progressively more angry anytime I declined the warranty or told him I wouldnt pay more for the car. Keep in mind I am trying to pay this dealership FULL ASKING PRICE, IN CASH. But because I wont add on a "platinum warranty" they wont sell me the car. After dealing with his built up rage for roughly 30-45 minutes I eventually left without the car.

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