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Dan Maljanian
"Celia really worked hard to earn our business, with persistence, good customer service, and offering us a better deal than we were expecting. Thank you Celia, and Glendale Infiniti. "
"Perry Infiniti in Escondido has poor business ethics and employs deceptive sales tactics. Be careful if you decide to do business with them. Continue reading to hear about my experience… On February 11, 2017, I leased the 2017 QX30 from Perry Infiniti in Escondido, California. Unfortunately, my interactions since then with Perry Infiniti and General Manager Timothy Leon have made me question my belief in the Infiniti brand of exceptional service and professional business ethics that I have grown to know and expect from being a loyal Infiniti client for the past 17 years. My experience with Perry Infiniti began with a bait and switch sales tactic. I went to the dealership with the belief that I was purchasing a QX30 Premium trim for $29,300 based on the offer they provided via the US News True Car Price program. Upon arriving at the dealership and test-driving the vehicle, they provide me with two offer sheets. One for purchase and the second for a lease; the lease offer priced the vehicle at $29,300 and the purchase offer priced the vehicle at $32,300. I was surprised and questioned the offer purchase sheet. The explanation they provided was that the US News True Car program is only meant to be a lease offer program and they are currently under litigation for their advertising. I explained I was not pleased with the false advertising, but I understood and would not accept their purchase offer of $32,300, being $3,000 more than the advertised price. I proceeded to thank them for their time and decide to leave. Then the General Manager, Mr. Leon, ran outside to save the deal. He began by gauging my interest in the QX30 and the options provided. I voiced my concerns with a lease and the reasons for wanting to purchase, but he persuaded me to listen to the lease deal numbers and the low cost of adding miles to the lease. We negotiated a deal, and shook hands to seal the deal. I worked with the finance manager, Shawnea Smith, to sign the documents. Being the last sale of the night; Ms. Smith stated it had been a long couple of days and asked if it was ok to rush through the signing. I agreed, as it had been a long evening of negotiating and I was tired as well. The result was that I did not get to review hard copies of all the documents that I signed electronically. Unfortunately, this was the start of my second issue with Perry Infiniti in Escondido. After a good night’s rest, I decided to review the documents that were sent home with me and I noticed neither the Maintenance Service Plan nor the Wear and Tear Protection agreements were enclosed. I inquired with Perry Infiniti to receive copies of the documents and received a couple of photos of the top page of each document. I noticed that the photos of the documents contained errors in relation to our original agreement. After the review, I sent a follow-up email and requested PDF copies of the agreements and for corrections to be made, per my original agreement with General Manager Leon. After 13 days of back and forth emails with no resolution, Mr. Leon contacted me, February 20, via phone to state that, during our negotiations, he did not agree to cover maintenance for the full lease mileage. Additionally he stated a maintenance service plan did not exist for my extended mileage lease and that I am more than welcome to buy out my lease. I ended the phone call with Mr. Leon expressing my disappointment with the service and lack of resolution from Perry Infiniti in addressing my concerns about the errors in the Maintenance Service Plan and Wear and Tear Protection documents. I am extremely disappointed by the deceptive sales tactics, lack of business ethics, and poor service provided by the Perry Infiniti dealership in Escondido. I implore buyers to be careful if you decide to do business with this organization. "