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"When I got there the place was packed with people, but I met a kind sales lady named Stephanie who helped me through the process. I had not made up my mind what kind of car I wanted so it took me a little time but she was patient and helped me. I picked an Infiniti G37Coupe the price was good, I had been looking at other places and they price cannot compete with the deal that I got from offleaseonly, another thing is they are honest with you about the car current condition or if it had been in am accident before. I had to wait a little while to get the paperwork done because they were so crowded but it was all worth it I the end. They were very friendly and made me feel comfortable buying a car with them. This place is legit. Super busy, but legit."
"Darrell Thornton is our sales rep. He was very helpful and looked to insure we had the right car for us. After trying a few cars we determined the one we wanted was one not yet on their lot. Dt was fine with that and encouraged us to wait for the ideal car rather trying to pressure us to buy that day I'm will be buying my car from dt and off lease as soon as they get in out make and specifications. "