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Infiniti G37
"I checked out several websites and found a car i liked, stopped by Carbiz for a test drive. I met with Sam, and briefly inspected the vehicle, followed with a nice long test drive in several road conditions. I loved the car and decided I wanted it pretty quickly. Sam input my information, and was careful to discuss all details and was very easy to work with. I had pre-qualified for a loan, and he helped me get a better rate, which helped save some money. Both Sam and Katie were very friendly as all the paperwork was being typed up. Matt & Myron covered the contract and loan paperwork, and easily answered any questions I had. The whole transaction took around 2 1/2 hours, but it never felt like things slowed down too much. I would gladly recommend friends to buy from this company, and they have a pretty wide selection of vehicles (A Ferrari, several Porsche's & high end Mercedes, Honda's, Nissan's, Mazda's and Hyundai's). "
"It was a great experience. I didn't knew what I was looking for but I was guided and helped throughout. Ended buying a car. Thank you for your great service "