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"I'd been looking for an Infiniti G35 or G37 for about 2 weeks. I had been to several other dealerships. The first dealership I visited had a G35 listed on CarGurus in the morning but I couldn't go to look at it until the afternoon. So I called that afternoon to make sure the car was still available. I presume I spoke with a sales agent and she told me that the car wasn't listed anymore on Cargurus but was still available (first red flag). She said to come on out to test drive the car. So my son and I headed out during rush hour from Overland Park to Independence (I'm not going to mention the name of the dealership but it rhymes with Sandmark Hodge this is about Oakes Auto). We walk in to the used car sales building of the dealership. We stand in the middle of the room for at least 5 minutes while 2 salesmen are sitting at a desk engaged in a conversation without acknowledgment (second red flag). Finally one of them looks up and calls for another salesperson to come help us. We tell him what car we are interested in and he goes to look for it because it is no longer on the lot (third red flag). He comes back and informs us it just got sold! In other words it was probably in the process of being sold when I called and instead of being honest they figured let's try the oldest car dealer trick in the book "The bait and switch"! If you are to young or have never bought a car before look it up. Anyway they tried to "switch" us to a 2012 G25 which was listed at $5000 more than the 2009 G35. Of course my son wanted to drive it, it's not his $5000! So we spent the next hour driving the car and then getting cornered by the salesmen until I said no about 6 times! I really can't believe this B.S. is still going on! The second dealership I went to in Bonner Springs had a confederate flag license plate on the wall! Really?! DONE! I know this is a long review but I'm a marketer now and was in the restaurant business before that for 30 years and customer service when you are going to spend $10K or $20K matters! Now, my Oakes Auto Experience! We pull into the lot and find the car we are interested in and check the out the outside of the car. We walk into the office and right away you can feel the positive energy in the room, from good music, to the bustle of deals going on at several desk. Shay Scherer greeted us right away and escorted us to her desk to get the keys to test drive the car. Everything about the process went smoothly, test drive, going over options, what the dealership serviced on the vehicle and the price was right! Great experience and I'll be back if they have what I'm looking for next time!"
"I went in hoping to just refinance my lease and walked out with two cars. It was the best deal ever. I got everything I wanted and then some. Thank you Saul. "