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2 days ago
"We recently purchased a used Subaru Forrester from your dealership. We worked with Mike Francis and were very happy with our experience. Mike was very organized and the whole purchase process was very streamlined. We love the vehicle and will be returning to New Motors in the future. Karen Gooley"
2 days ago
"not happy with the car we got. we bought the car and the next day already having issues with the tire. We have had the SUV for maybe a month and we have had to get the rim replaced on one of our tires ( which yes they did help us with) had a fuse that needed to be replaced for our windshield wiper fluid wasnt working. ( did help us with) and now the starter is going out. I feel like if we were told more about the SUV and that it had all these problems we wouldnt have bought the car we have looked for something different so we didnt have to deal with all these issues. We didnt even make a first payment yet and already had to get all of these things fixed. Yes the dealership did help us with these issues and we do appreciate it but again not to happy that we had to deal with all these issues within the first month of having it. "