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Glendale Nissan


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484 E North Ave, Glendale Heights, Illinois 60139
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March 24, 2018

"Worst dealership for car leases. Dont go there."

- Lunaeo

I went there two times to buy a 2018 Nissan Rogue. I was given a test drive to test the car and the car was wonderfull. I asked the salesman (i think his name was Larry) the options of buying and leasing the car. He told me and my wife that it was cheaper to lease it because when you buy it you end up with a car that in 5 years would be worth half the price. I asked if i could trade in my car and they run a report on it. He came back and told me I could get a $1000 for my car even though it is a 2012 Mazda 3 with only 36,000 miles. According to blue book it cost $10,000. They told me that the car had repairs done according to the car fax report and that one of them was a structural damage. I told him if he was crazy and he said no. I was passing by a garage when someone came out and hit me on the passanger door . The door got replaced but there was no damage to any structure. Anyways, he went inside his cubical, took a calculator, paper and pen and was calculating the lease payments on his own. He said if i give a down payment my lease would be cheaper. I said i could give $4000 and he went back to his cubicle. A few minutes later he cameback. He wrote in a paper $569 monthly for 36 months without downpayment. That is $20,484 for just leasing the car. With the $4000 he wrote $469 montly for 36 months. That is $16,524 + $4000 = $20,564. I told him if he was crazy because I saw and ad on tv for $200 montly lease and he said that was for a Nissan sentra. Then he offered me $4000 for my car. I said i would rather give it to a family member for free than giving it to the dealer for that amount. Then I said I could give $4000 down and $200 monthly for the lease and that was it. He said no and I left. You have to becareful when you go to this place because those guys in suits can fool and rip you off if you let them. I am smart enought to know that a Nissan Rogue SV price is $30000 and they wanted almost $21,000 for the lease. They are the fools. Dont go to this place please. They will rob you.

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January 26, 2018

"Great help with no hassle"

- Ajay3303

First talked with their internet sales rep, then was turned to a floor sales person when i arrived at the dealership. I was very well taken care of with no hassle. Never felt pressured to make a purchase as am very satisfied with the purchase i made! Would definitely recommend this dealership on all fronts!

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January 25, 2018

"HORRIBLE service & STAFF"

- Not Satisfied Customer

Svc for oil change; Edgar Felipe advised us battery need replacement & will take add'l 15min. He never came back to us after that. 2.5 hours later, when we approached him, he stated he's completing paperworks. While we caught him talking, laughing out loud, doing other things in the midst of this. Does paperwork should take 1.5 hours to complete on a service? If that's the case, the system has to be improve since the service didn't take that long. HORRIBLE experience! They came out with all LAME excuses. Bottom Line, customer waited because they were doing something else other than attending to their duties. I felt like we were pushed over because of our nationality and/or we have a loyalty service through them and discouraging us to use it. Your service was graded poor because of your Service Advisor, Edgar Felipe!!!!

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