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Subaru of Las Vegas


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6455 Roy Horn Way, Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
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August 21, 2017

"Told to **** off... caught on dashcam"

- DM

I have been experiencing random squeak while driving in gear or without (neutral) around 30-40mph. Usually it stops as soon as I tap on the brakes. I scheduled an appointment with Subaru of Las Vegas to have it checked out. I spoke to the service advisor and agreed to also perform a 12k service except for oil change and cabin filter as I do that myself. The service advisor assured me that they would do a thorough inspection of the brakes/rotors while they perform the 12k service and tire rotations. I drop the car of at 9:30am and by 11:08 they brought the car. The advisor mentioned they couldn’t get the noise to come up during the test drive but assured me that the brakes/rotors was inspected and cleaned. Half way home I end up with the same annoying noise. I got home and while reviewing my dash cam I discover that nothing was done. They had my car in the bay for about 15 minutes. What got me more upset is the comments I heard from the technician. One of the technician in the background tells the other tech that just completed the test drive “**** it, Daniel say’s **** this guy we aren’t doing it and they don’t give a ****”. He goes on saying “The only one that will complain is Cameron.”. (Service Advisor). My car was in the bay for a total of 15 minutes. Reviewing further recordings proves that nothing was done. Everything stated in the work order was a complete lie. I will not be bringing my car back. I can’t trust Subaru of Las Vegas. Not to mention that they left grease stains all over my car.

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Employees Worked With

Cameron Winer, Daniel

August 18, 2017

"Service "

- KB

On August 17, I brought my 2017 Outback to the service department for a "Free" oil change, inspection and tire rotation. When I got home I looked under the hood and there was a gob of black oil soaked dust in the tray at the bottom of the oil filter. The engine oil was over filled. The oil on the dipstick is a brown color. I then wondered if the wheel nuts were torqued correctly. Some were so tight on the left side of the car I had to use a breaker bar to loosen them. The right front and right rear wheels each had a loose nut (the anti theft lug nut). I set them to them all to the proper torque. I have two or three "free" oil changes coming. I prefer to do the work myself. I am requesting oil and filters for these oil changes. I plan to rotate the tires every 10,000 miles myself. I will continue to bring the car in for inspections or other service. Thanks, KB

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Employees Worked With

I do not know who worked on my car, showroom employees were polite and friendly.

August 18, 2017


- Sonia C. Prusinski

Mina, was very knowledgeable and very couretous. Answered all our questions. He went over and above.Was a very nice gentleman. Even set up our Bluetooth and explained it to us.

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Employees Worked With

Mina, Pitalsu

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