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"He was easy to work with. Understood your budget and helpful to your sitiuatuons. I really recommend him. If you need a car come to him. "
4 days ago
"I moved to charlotte from San Francisco, Ca without a car, and had to rent a car while I searched for a car to buy. The Alfa Romeo I ended up with was the 10th car i test drove over 2 weeks. The car speaks for itself, but there’s something Special about foreign cars charlotte and Kostas. Some high end car dealerships can be very intimidating, especially when 80% of their inventory is out of your price range. I went to 6 other dealerships and none of provided me an experience nearly as good as Kostas and foreign cars charlotte. I was met with exceptional attention to detail and genuine concern for what i actually needed In a car. The test drive process was quick and easy. Kostas knew everything about the car and helped me get the financial end of the deal to a place where i was comfortable. I didn’t feel they were pushy or in a hurry to get me out of the dealership. I didn’t get hounded with marketing calls from people at the dealership i didn’t even meet after I left the dealership, or get sketchy telemarketing type calls from fake numbers that had my same (out of state) area code.. All things that happened after I visited a certain large dealership in the area after specifically requesting that the only person to call me would be the sales person I worked with that day. I will be back to foreign cars charlotte for my next, hopefully faster and shinier, vehicle. Everything about my experience was refreshingly smooth and the only pressure i felt was on me to choose the right car for my needs. 5 stars all day. Survey option only has masersti and Aston Martin. To be clear I picked up an Alfa Romeo Guilia Ti Sport. "