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Melissa Luckey
Melissa Luckey, Finance Assistant, Scott Clark Honda
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Melissa Luckey

Finance Assistant

Scott Clark Honda

7025 E. Independence Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28227

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May 26, 2018

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- Klynn

My experience was terrible to say the least! If you can’t tell by how many people from the finance department has “attempted” to help me. I have been lied to and made to be a fool. I thought a friend was helping me out to get a car and he was great until he lied to the finance department about what the deal was (the salesman). ONE OF THE WORST EXPERIENCES I HAVE EVER HAD! Me and my boyfriend went up there to buy a 2018 accord and when we met with the salesman everything was good and went well. He initially came back and the apr rate was crazy high with my boyfriend on the car by himself. I then said I could be a co-signer if it would help with his apr rate. The salesman said yes that would be perfect, we would only need you for credit purposes because I'm currently in college and not working much so I can't provide much of an income. He said it was okay I didn't need to be on there for financial reasons because my boyfriend makes way more than enough. I ended up co-signing and everything was good and we had a deal! We got sent back to the financial manager and this is when EVERYTHING went south. We started signing paperwork and I noticed he had be sign first. I may be young but I'm not dumb! I knew that meant I was the primary on the car. I then asked him about it and he said oh yeah that's the best way to process the information. He was not going to even tell me that they had changed it and not only made me primary but my boyfriend a co-signer. We were iffy on the deal and it had been 5 minutes in his office. Then we got home and had a few days to talk about it and it made absolutely no sense that I was the primary when that was not what we agreed to. Everyone at Honda kept telling me that it made no difference as far as who was primary or co-signer! That is not the point, it matter to ME! That is not what we agreed to, I didn’t even want to be on the car period. Now I’m all of a sudden a primary. This was the start to a bunch of shady crap. To get some clarification I wanted to talk to my finance manager again because some of the paperwork didn’t add up and we noticed that the maintenance package we signed up for that the finance manager talked us into getting was not needed and we wanted to take it off. Our finance manager "went out of town" and we had to talk to another one. We sat down with a different finance manager and figured out we had signed up for some extra maintenance and warranty that we didn't know that we didn't need. He ended up having to take it off which made the payments on the car go down by $60. This finance manager started looking at our paperwork and said it was all wrong that the original finance manager had all the dates wrong and everything. So we had to redo paperwork and resign everything. He then went on to say he was sorry for all of this and that our previous finance manager was new to the team and he was still learning all of this. Over the next three weeks we went back and forth with different finance managers and business managers that said they were handling our paperwork. It has been 3 weeks and nothing has been processed at the dealership and now they are saying they need paperwork from me that they initially told me I didn't need to provide. Also, the salesman and the finance manager lied and told their ‘boss’ that they explained everything to us as far as who was primary and this and that. I couldn't believe I was hearing, such lies. We would have never done a deal if that’s how it was. My boyfriend didn’t want me on there anyway because he wanted to do everything by himself which is understandable. Once one deal was proposed by the salesman (my boyfriend being by himself on the loan) I asked if it would make a difference to add me as a co-signer and so that’s what happened. Then weeks later the salesman who I had respect for, lost all my respect when he lied and said that he explained this to us to begin with. The salesman said we agreed to a deal that we didn't agree to and then the finance manager went in and said he told us also when he didn't either. I just got a call saying I needed to provide bank statements when they told me I didn't need them last week. As soon as I got off the phone with that guy from Honda another guy called me (director) and said he looked at my information and is going to talk to Honda financials and get that waived to where I don't need to provide bank statements! Two completely different things from two different people that said they are “taking over my paperwork”. See what I mean... THEY ARE ALL LIARS AND ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY! I would not advise anyone to come here! In all of this they never expressed empathy and acted like we were the problem when they had lost paperwork, gave us conflicting statements, and lied about what the deal was. Completely unprofessional and the finance manager at one point hung up on my boyfriend because he was expressing his frustrations. To end this review.. I had already purchased a car through Scott Clark Honda and had a terrible experience with the finance manager. He threatened to come take my car away weeks after I had the car. When my dad called him asking what that was about he lied to my own dad and said he never said that. I mean it should be illegal for a professional dealership to have finance ‘managers’ who lie so much to innocent people. Anyway, I did some research and the dealership had 3 days after the deal to basically void it. Now they used this same scare tactic on me and my boyfriend and told us that if I didn't provide bank statements (my bank statement that they said they didn't need) then I needed to come bring the car back because it wasn't mine. After all that happened the first time around, I thought to give them a second chance because my boyfriend really wanted a Honda and I had got mine there. I WAS WRONG AND I FEEL SO BAD THAT I TOLD HIM TO GO THERE BECAUSE 3 WEEKS LATER AND NOTHING HAS BEEN PROCESSED AND NOW THEY ARE GOING BACK ON THEIR WORD! Never never again will they receive service from me, my family, my friends, or any loved ones. I'd advise whoever is reading this review to not go there either. The salesman, the finance managers, the managers over them, they are all liars. If I could give them zero stars I would! Update: I asked to speak to the boss of my finance manager and instead got lied to yet again and was told I was speaking to the boss when really he was just another finance manager pretending to be the “boss” to save my finance managers butt! Just ridiculous and so unprofessional. I have yet to speak to anyone who is higher in position to the finance managers. I mean I am getting calls from 4 out of 7 finance managers processing my paper work. Now I’m getting calls that the internet director is taking over. I mean I don’t know what the truth is anymore. No one should have to deal with this. I would have rated Jordan excellent but when he shockingly said that the deal we agreed to was putting me primary, I could not believe they basically were calling me a liar and making me look like I was crazy. My boyfriend thought the same thing.. he was so disappointed that the great salesman we had, had basically lied on us.

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