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Travis Walton
Travis Walton at Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Tucson
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Travis Walton

Lead Service Advisor

Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Tucson

4220 E. 22nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85711

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2 Reviews of Travis Walton

August 17, 2020

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"This morning I got an email from LHM asking me to please..."

- JKFitz

This morning I got an email from LHM asking me to please rate the service I received while at their dealership!! I absolutely cant wait to tell the world about my "experience", Enjoy!!! RE: Larry H. Miller service department..... May 31, 2018 I Purchased 2018 Ram Promaster City cargo van as a work truck. This is a running log of the issues that began September 2019 and I have been adding to it as the garbage continues to pile up, the last entry was yesterday 8/12/2020 The beginning... 9/13/19: A few days ago I scheduled service (online) for 2018 Ram Promaster City cargo van that I use for work. It is my office, my workshop, my hardware store and the single most important tool that I own. The appt. was set for yesterday 9/12/19 at 930 am. I was there at 930 and waited until a few minutes after 10 to finally speak with the service writer who was helping another customer that entire time. Not sure why no one else could check me in, but I was assigned that guy and therefore at his mercy, but no worries, things get unexpectedly busy, I understand. On the list of warranty items was the sliding door not locking properly, the hood prop was broken, the radio intermittently locks up & or reboots whenever the xxxx it feels like it. The throttle response is horrible and the transmission is a bit clunky, (in my opinion). I went over each item in detail, I even had a video of what the radio does when it's acting up. We talked about the transmission I said I wasn't sure if that's just the way these are or if there is something wrong with it. He made notes, took my keys got me an Uber and that was that. At 5:00pm I had not heard from them so I replied to the text I got from them earlier that said " should you need anything throughout your visit please reply to this text". I ask about the status of my van. I never received a reply. 9/13/19, 9am, I called to inquire about my van, my service writer wasn't in , so I get someone else who tells me that it is scheduled to be looked at by the transmission guy next Tuesday !?! Yes that's right, because I had a transmission issue he said that it has to go to that guy first. I said "so nothing else even got addressed", he said "that's right, they should have told you it needs to see a transmission specialist 1st" to which I replied " well they didn't or I would have said forget the trans. for now and address the other issues" he apologized for the miscommunication and I just replied "have my van ready I'll be there in an hour to pick it up!" I arrive at the service department, I tell the lady I am here to pick up my van, she goes to my service writers desk and pulls the ticket, she says nothings been done, I say I know, I am here to pick it up as I have work to do. Another lady asks me what the issue is, I say I am not really in the mood to discuss it, I just need my van. She tells me that she needs the info to make sure this doesn't happen again etc, so I tell her everything I have stated here up to this point. It's now been another 15 minutes to get to this point, the guy comes in and suggests I reschedule, now I'm getting more irritated by the second at this point, and tell him I am not interested in rescheduling right now as I am a bit confused about why the other items couldn't be taken care of while my van is now scheduled to sit there until at least Tuesday, I asked if he thought it was an efficient way to run a service dept., he agreed it wasn't. Now as I was explaining the other issues to him , like the throttle response, I explained that when I press on the throttle "I expect the vehicle to move, not hesitate for a solid second", he shakes his head no?!, I shake my head yes and he says, look that's not the way those things work and the transmissions in them "are what they are"! At that point I said " Look I just want my van so I can go back to work", he said: it's in the drive, keys are in it! This all could've been avoided if the original service writer had just explained that it would have to see a specialist next week, but he didn't, & the fact that the guy who brought my van around was more interested in arguing with me instead of just owning their mistakes, it shows a lack of professionalism and maturity! I take my van back and just live with the issues for a while as I have work to do and bills to pay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5/26/20 Decided to give LHM a shot at redemption, so last Thursday after the AC in my 2018 Ram Promaster city burned up ( smoke and everything), a problem I can't live with when it's 110 degrees outside. So I once again scheduled an appointment (online) to get my AC fixed as well as address the previous issues that weren't fixed last September. I set the appointment for 9:00am and chose the "Pick Up" option. Well, that turned out to be a huge mistake! 9:45 AM I called in to make sure they had my appointment and that they were in fact coming to pick it up. The lady says yes I have an appointment but they could be running late because they are "crazy busy", she assured me that someone would call momentarily. It's now 12:30pm I have not heard from anyone .So I go to LHM's website and send an email ..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Less than 20 minutes after sending an email that included everything written above this line to thru the "contact us "on their website I received a call At 12:47pm. I was unable to answer the call. So I get a voicemail from Ivan Salazar ( the one who originally pissed me off last Sept.), he said when the appointment was made the only point of contact was email, and he sent an email to try and contact me, I checked and he did in fact send his email, but it was sent at 11:33am (almost 2 hours after I talked to the lady at 9:41am, who already had my phone number, and 2 and a half hours after my appointment at 9:00 am). And I do remember including my number when I scheduled the appointment, so I am not sure what went wrong but maybe you should have a talk with your I.T. people. In fact I went back on their website and went thru the steps as if I was setting a new appointment, you can't continue without entering your name address , email and phone #, so Ivan is just plain lying! I was with a client when Ivan called at 12:47and I called him back at 609-xxxx at 1:17 pm, I got his voicemail and simply left a message saying to call me back. 2:13pm still nothing from Ivan so i send a text to him " I returned your call at 1:17 pm. Left a VM. Still waiting since 9:00 am for someone to come pickup my van. John 520-xxx-xxxx" 2:17 pm Ivan replies: "I was out to lunch when you called back. I just got back let me check into it" 2:41pm no further reply from Ivan so called for Brandon Sauber, he was not in his office, I explained to the receptionist that i was pissed off as I have been waiting since 9:00am for someone to pick up my truck and please have him call me back as I am done waiting for Ivan to respond. She took my name and number and I am waiting once again. 2:58pm I sent Ivan a text " So what's the word Ivan?"..... 3:03pm Ivan calls back and says he is short a driver and will pick it up as soon as someone is available. I told him I was more than tired of waiting as Its been 6 hours already, he tries to tell me that he didn't have my number and sent an email I told him that email was sent 2.5 hrs after my scheduled appointment and almost 2 hours after I had called this ,morning. I asked to speak to Brandon, he said "sure, I'll have him call you" and hung up. It is not a mystery why Ivan has the lowest rating of any service department member at LHM. But he isn't completely worthless, he can still be used as a bad example! 3:17 Brandon finally calls, also says that Ivan didn't have my info, address phone etc. from the web appointment, and was trying to make excuses for their incompetence. He was a bit confrontational at first but offered to come out himself and pick up the van. When I mentioned I was pretty pissed off about waiting ALL DAY to have my truck picked up, he said: " look, we can't go all over the city picking up people's vehicles", to which I replied "THEN WHY DO YOU EVEN OFFER THAT OPTION?" By the end of the call things seemed like they would be taken care of. About 4p.m. Brandon and another driver came to pick up the van. I went over all the issues with the van with Brandon at that time. 5/27/20, Travis Walton is now my service advisor and has been communicating professionally with me, they fixed the A/C but had to order the parts for the window, sliding door and replacement radio, he said because of Covid, shipping is a mess and it could be a while before we get all the parts. No problem, I am having the same issues in my business. They weren't able to get my van back to me until the next day, 5/28/20 but at least the AC was fixed. ......................................................................................................................................................................................................... More than 2 months go by..... 8/7/20 I get a call from LHM service department saying all the parts were in, so I scheduled the service for the following Monday . 8/10/20 930 am. I drop off the van ( wasn't going to try the "pick up option" this time!) , I was told it should be ready by the end of the day. They provided an Uber for me to get back home. So Far so good! Later in the day Travis called and said they wouldn't be finished with it until the next morning, so I moved some things around in my schedule to accommodate the new timeline, still no problem as long as it's done before 11:00 am. 8/11/20 8:50 am, Travis calls and says my van is all fixed and ready to go, GREAT! I take an Uber ( my own expense) to LHM, Travis has me sign the papers, gives me my keys and my van is out front and ready to go, it seems like they really have it together this time! And at this point I was once again quite happy with LHM, my faith in them had been restored! Now I walk out to my van and begin to check it all out before I even start the engine. And yet another round of fun begins........ The Drivers side sliding Door Lock: 3rd time in, 1st time it was actually worked on ( Or was it?) The original problem was the door doesn't lock unless you slam it shut really REALLY hard! The passenger side locks fine even with the slightest effort closing it. So, the first thing I do is lock the van by remote then grab the handle, the door should be locked, but nope, It opens and the alarm goes off, absolutely no change, slam it really hard and it locks. I still have the exact same problem! The door doesn't lock properly. According to the paperwork I was given, the left side, rear sliding door lock mechanism was replaced, and the lock was tested and found to be performing properely, however looking at it says otherwise, it's clear that the rear lock, front lock or any other part of that door hasn't been touched. Unless there is something inside the door itself that was replaced ( I seriously doubt it), it doesn't look as if any part of the lock has been touched. I looked up the part # they claim to have replaced, you can clearly see it still has 2 years of grease and road grime on it, a new one would be perfectly clean. I'm pretty sure those don't come from the factory already dirty, but who knows, maybe that's a thing now? My personal belief is that it's a door alignment issue and the lock mechanism itself is fine. I pointed that out the last time as you can see the gap is narrower at the top of the door vs. the bottom. But hey what do I know, I'm just an A/V guy not a genius mechanic! Either way they did NOT replace that lock or any other lock on this vehicle. The passenger side window: 2nd time in, 1st time worked on, still not smooth when going down ( it might be a touch better but still looks as if it going break in the near future), I have no confidence in this either. The stuff that was in the door pocket was removed and left on the passenger side foot well, so at least it would appear that someone worked on the door, or maybe they were going to work on it and then a squirrel ran by and they were off to more interesting things, I really don't know. But what I do know is that the window still shudders on the way down. I can't wait to get caught in a monsoon only to have the window regulator break halfway up! That's gonna be awesome! The radio: 3rd time in, 1st time being worked on. The unit was replaced because it locks up and reboots whenever the xxxx it feels like, but once it reboots it will work fine until the next time I start the vehicle. So far this new unit hasn't locked up, HOWEVER, it's a different radio than before and has different features, while it looks the same when turned off, when you turn it on it's obviously very different. I believe it's not made for this van and/or is not compatible with the vans computer/other integrated electronics or it needs the latest firmware/software update. The steering wheel controls no longer work, I can't answer a call or hang up from the wheel, the voice command is also inoperable, there are no trip functions anymore ( a feature I used quite often), and it disconnected from my phone ( so far only once) while I was talking on it, the odometer now constantly flashes, the backup camera is not working and the compass doesn't work! I would rather have my old radio back, It was annoying, but at least all the features worked. So, in regards to the radio, I have traded in 1 problem and got back 7 new problems in return! Needless to say, once again this was an incredible waste of my time! I showed Travis the window and door lock before driving off the lot and said I'd call him if there were any issues with the radio. There were issues so I called and left a message, he called back a few minutes later and was very apologetic and professional. Again, I have no issues with Travis he has been great (up to this point), but the overall experience with LHM continues to get worse, and now I will have to take it back yet again! I couldn't make this up if I tried! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8/12/20 7:48 am I called Travis at LHM told him that the backup camera also doesn't work and I can't live with this radio, he said he talked with a tech who said the radio might need some "forced proxy" , I assume that's code for "we need to waste more of your time". He asked can you bring it in this morning?, I said yes, I got there about 9 a.m. he came right out , I told him that if they can't get all the features back to just put the old radio back in and I'll be on my way. I also showed him the door lock that hadn't been replaced, he said maybe it's something else on the inside, I said not according to Mopar based on the part number that's on the work order. He promptly took my van into the service area and I waited there, silly me I thought they were going to get right on it after all the garbage I have already been thru since September. An hour later, Travis had disappeared, so I replied to the automated text I received from LHM saying "if there was anything you need, just reply to this text", So I replied "what is the status?" 15 minutes later still no reply, so I went back to the service area and saw my van still sitting in the parking lot with a hundred other cars waiting to be looked at. I went back in and someone else asked if he could help, "I said I just want my van back I am out of time". It took them another 15 minutes to find the keys and bring me my van. So, after almost a year, I still have a door lock issue, a window regulator that looks as if it will break any moment and new radio that is even worse than the one it replaced and I am left without key features that came with the vehicle originally and 7 new problems! My van has been downgraded. 11:14 am. I receive a reply to the "text" It says "Hi, this is Travis with LHM Dodge Ram. Thank you for servicing your vehicle with us." to which I replied " Are you kidding me?" and of course, that text was never replied to either! But I did get an email from LHM today asking me to "rate my experience" with their service department!! Absolutely, I will be more than happy to tell the entire world about my "experience" with Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram service department! That will be the last contact I will ever have with LHM, I have taken this disaster up with Ram directly they have been quite responsive and my van will be now be serviced by Jim Click Dodge/Ram. And I promise that I will do my absolute best to make sure none of my family, friends, clients or even people I don't like, ever do business with LHM Dodge Ram! Yes, they are great when it comes to sales, but the service department could not be worse! In my entire life (almost 60 years now), I have never dealt with a more incompetent group of people, ever, they are NOT worthy of the Ram line!

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Other Employees Tagged: Brandon Sauber, Ivan Salazar

Aug 18, 2020

Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Tucson responded

Hello there, It’s hard for me to address all of the frustrations that you’ve communicated in a single response, but I want you to know that we care deeply about our customers’ experiences and we take your review extremely seriously. I’d appreciate the chance to speak with you directly to help you find the answers and resolutions you are searching for. Hopefully you will give me a call at your earliest convenience and we can get to the bottom of this together. Thank you for your time. - Stacy Barnett, General Manager, 520-745-7991

January 29, 2020

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"great service"

- Lbow2005

Brandon took great care of my Ram Truck issues. He understood the value of my time. He was able to have his staff repair my truck. when the other dealer in town couldn't do it. First class service!

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Other Employees Tagged: Brandon Sauber

Jan 29, 2020

Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Tucson responded

Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate your support. - Stacy Barnett, General Manager

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