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"Infiniti of Dayton's body shop handles all of the body shop work for Bob Ross Fiat. I own a 2015 Fiat Abarth that had a minor hood alignment problem and originally took it to the FIAT dealership but they weren't comfortable making the adjustment and recommended that I take it to the Infiniti dealership down the road that handles all of their body work. I didn't have an appointment but Paula at the front desk was very nice and got the car into the shop. The techs did a great job and got my hood perfectly aligned in very little time. "
"very polite and approachable. Very good hospitality. everything was good with exception of the detailing of the car. I recommend to improve cleaning quality of new sold vehicles. steering wheel has dirt stain. also the protective coating was applied while the dirt is still in it. Sales representative did notice it too and gave back to get it detailed better. however there where still dirt and mad stain marks after the second time. dirt marks where not huge however if a person is a little concern of having a clean brand new car it may be a something to improve on. The manuals where not in the vehicle. talked to the sales representative and she's very polite and very helpful. she will be mailing it :). refreshments were good as well. Very awesome to keep this going in every dealership :). vehicle prices were very reasonable. Anyways, it was good doing business with Rairdon's FIAT of Kirkland."