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"Couldn't start my vehicle to drve the 60 miles to exchange this battery that's under a year old, so I explained to yhe service supervisor that I would have to drive the battery in my other vehicle to get it exchanged and it turns out you need an act of congress to exchange a battery in mini of Scotsdale. They were very fast in charging me 1200 dollars for a fuel filter and supposedly a new battery because the other one was bad, which never gave me a problem thanks for nothing, made me feel loke a con artist over the phone. Never again"
Timothy McCay
"Found my my 2014 MINI using the TrueCar application. Little did I know that this dealership was located 3 miles from my house. Walked out an hour later with a great car and feeling like a made a few new friends that day. The staff was so friendly and quick, top notch all around! "