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"This place tried to force a sale on me by actually informing me that I was legally obligated to buy a certain car because I filled out a credit app and tried very hard to make me feel like I didn't have a choice to say no. I had to get an attorney involved to settle the matter. Do not go here and try to buy anything. All they care about is making a quick buck. They told me to take it overnight to see how I felt about it and snuck in a temp registration and told me the next morning that I just took delivery of the vehicle, which I was not aware of. It did get settled in my favor because they did not have all the necessary documents to complete the sale even though they lied and kept claiming they did. "
"Great experience. Got excellent customer service from Jesse. He Really worked with me and helped get into a car i wanted. Management was also very helpful by going to bat for me with the banks! "