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3 days ago
"My husband and I had been following a certain car on their website for a while. They dropped the price on the website twice, finally enough so that we could afford to buy the car with cash including taxes etc (we did not want to take out a loan). I called ahead, to see what the dealer fees were and to make sure that the car was still there (because we live about 40 minutes away). The person whom I spoke with said that he didn't know what their dealer fee was which I thought was odd. He said the car was there, however, so I informed him that my husband and I would be there in the next few hours. When we got there, someone came up to us. My husband said that we were looking to buy a car. The man said asked which and we told him. He said there was someone in that car currently (but we saw it when we walked in and there was not anyone in it or near it...) and then said, rudely, "well we operate by appointment here." I explained that I called ahead, and the man told us we could wait in their waiting room and they'd try to fit us in. After sitting there for about 15 minutes, a different man came in and told us that the people that were 'in' the car when we arrived had just decided to buy it. He took down our information in case they got anything else like it. As we left, we saw no one in the dealership and no one near the car we wanted. Again, we thought it was odd, but we left. Today, as I was browsing through car listings, I noticed that the car was still there but that they had edited the price to be $2,000 higher. I called again and asked if the car was still there. The person with whom I spoke with gave me an enthusiastic 'yes!' I was confused and flustered so I told them thanks and hung up. My husband called back to clarify the situation, apparently no one there had any idea what we were talking about and the only explanation that we got was that the person talking to us 'must have been confused' about something but he would try to get someone else to call us back to explain further. I know that there was no confusion there - the man who told us that the car was sold told us that he had spoken with the buyers himself. It was a blatant lie. I'm not sure if we looked 'poor' to them so they assumed that we wouldn't be able to afford the car...? I'm not sure what their excuse is going to be. We were obviously very displeased with their level of service and disrespect. Oh, and (surprise!) we never got a call back to explain. "
4 days ago
"We dropped off our Outback to have the airbag replaced under the recall on a Thursday night so we could pick it up after work the next day. They said it would take two hours. When we called on Friday at 3, they said it wasn't done and that it takes 10 hrs. I don't think so! 2.5 hrs later they said it was done so we went to get it. Upon inspection, the previously immaculate dash now has large gashes in it in more than one place, and just like previous reviewers have said, they tried to sneak it past. No one pointed out their damage or mentioned what they were going to do about it. My wife had to confront them. And, by the way, the dash feels funny now. I mean squishy and rubbery. I'm not even certain it's the same dash the car went in with anymore but I could never prove that. But it sure did undergo a strangle transformation over night. After we pointed out the sticky, rubbery feel and the gouges....well NOW they say there's a recall on sticky dashes and they're ordering a new one that will take 6 months to get here. No mention of that BEFORE we pointed out the damage they did. I have several Subaru owner friends that have all said the same thing about the Gilman service department......they won't let them touch their car. Add one more to that list. Follow up. The wife went in the next day and talked to the service manager about our concerns. He apologized, had the car cleaned and located a new dash in Dallas to have sent here so we have a new dash in a week instead of 6 months. So they're attempting to make it right and I'll give them credit for that. I'm still not happy with how things were handled upon front or with the quality of the work done the first time. "