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4 days ago
"i was extremely pleased with Laura Campbell.and phyllis(online). they made what could have been a stressful day run smoothly great ladies! i usually do not like dealing with a dealership but i was very satisfied with helleene kia.. and will go back in a heartbeat."
5 days ago
"Very very disappointed in this dealership. I took my car in yesterday morning at 7am to have a check engine light read. I was told I need to replace timing chain and it could be done that day and "I was looking at $1,100." I thought my regular mechanic would probably be @$700 so I decided to go ahead since I was already there and I would have to pay $145 for diagnosis at the dealership anyway if I left. At 4pm I was told it looks like my car wouldn't be done that day. I informed the staff I needed my car to get out of town. Staff didn't get it. I specifically asked if it could be done that day. They said hey we will get you a rental. Fine. I needed to leave town that night but I just have to get a hotel room and leave tomorrow. Got to enterprise to get car @5:45pm. I had to pay for insurance at $18 and a $300 deposit which the deposit will be returned after 3 days. So I have shelled out $318 and $88 for a room. Today I get to dealership at 1pm. Car wasn't finished. They wanted to show me oil buildup from a bad oil change which I disclosed to them when I brought it in. That is what started the engine light coming on. Told staff to just finish the job. Finally at 5pm my car is done. I was handed a bill for $1,600. I said the estimate was $1,100. Staff said no it's $1,600. By this time I had got real tired and just paid. All in all this ordeal cost me @$2,000 and two days. These people aren't ethical. Very very disappointed."