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"The salesman promised a warranty and a price and a rate and when I sat down to sign the paperwork it was all different. The car burned oil after the salesman told me about the "100" point inspection.. The warranty that I forced them to give me paid for the. 2000 dollars worth of engine repair. Glad they are out of business!! "
Curtis Desjardins
2 days ago
"I would like to take a minute to thank RJ and the Butler team. My daughter just started collage and I sent her out to find a used car, after 2 weeks of searching many dealers/car lots and coming home frustrated i took her out. The first place i went was a Butler store, although they didn't have the right car on that lot for my daughter, i was given great personal attention and BEFORE we were looking at the cars in their data base at the different Butler stores i was told they had the perfect car for what i was looking for. After a 10 min drive to Butler Kia of Fishers and 10 min on the lot i not only chose the recommended car but purchased a 2nd one at the same time for another family member. Great experience. I definitely recommend Butler and when my daughter graduates we will go back for her New car. Curtis Noblesville, In"