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"We really needed a second car ! We came to Marc and we're super picky, but he stuck it out and got us in a great car we needed badly. We let him know the things we needed and he guided us to the car we wanted. Customer service was great Marc Andrews and Robbin Wirzelbarcher from CNAC really helped us at getting the guy purchased. "
"I took my car to this dealership after first speaking to the service department manager Allen surgenor first. We spoke at length about my car with another service advisor sitting there. It was about a coolant leak. I knew it was he water pump I had another guy quote me on it and he was way too high. I took it in. He "fixed" it for $650 or so. I asked if he fixed the pump. He said no it was fine. Drove it 30 min and the light was back on with the coolant leak. Called and they told me to keep driving it awhile. The next week I went in and they took it in and said something was loose, I should be good now. Next day, more leaking. Took it back in and he wanted to charge me $1400 for the pump. I said no. You have a 12 month/12000 mile warranty. Still dumping coolant, fix it. This Allen guy proceeded to scream at me on the phone. I went to his manager above him the "customer experience" manager jerry McDaniel. He is the most worthless person I have ever spoken to. I don't even know how he has a job. He wouldn't even return GMs phone calls, let alone mine. Pretty much to sum it up, this is a boys club to protect each other and screw you over. I would run and hide. This place is a bunch of sheisters who only want to scam you and don't know how to fix a car"