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"This would have been a 5 star review! This started on Sept 4 2020. Buying process was simple and fast. Felt I got a great price on a used 2016 Smart Car. Low miles and a low price. Perfect! Wife and I drove down from Indiana for this, no complaints there, we chose to do that. Car has been great, a lot more fun than one would imagine. Five star review so far, right? What good is a car you purchase if you cannot get plates due to the title not being sent the the BMV? Useless really. On Sept 28 I get an email saying a VIN inspection is needed before the title work can be completed. I’ve purchased out of state before and this is the first time that’s ever happened. Previous times the title had been sent to the BMV, and the VIN inspection would occur on site. I respond saying I can’t do that, we’re away from home due to our work. I ask that another temp tag is sent to me since the car will be undrivable due to an expired plate. Sept 29 I get a response, saying the plate can be sent right out to me. Oct 11th I get home, no plate and the plate on my car had now expired. I was luckily able to get a police officer out to do the VIN check and emailed that right off. So the car was a paperweight at that point! I called and spoke with a manager at the store who was able to overnight a plate to me. Since I sent back the vin inspection paperwork, I’ve had zero correspondence back from the lady who originally emailed me. I’ve replied not only to her but to others that were CC’d. Silence. I’ve called yet again today in hopes of speaking to someone about what’s going on but get nothing but voicemails and not a response yet after hours of waiting. I have been extremely patient up until now with this process. I expected only the best from Mercedes Benz of Nashville or BMW. BMW is where the title processing for Mercedes actually occurs. Not sure what my next course of action should be, file a claim with the Attorney General of Tennessee?Indiana? Maybe both? I don’t know. This is now Day 49, and the title is not at the Indiana BMV!! That’s beyond unacceptable. That’s 1 star worthy in my opinion."
"overall it was very good. the waiting time was long, but its understandable. without no hesitation I would recommend mercedes -benz of sacramento to anybody."