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Phillip Thompson
Phillip  Thompson, Product Specialist, Route 66 Chevrolet
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Phillip Thompson

Product Specialist

Route 66 Chevrolet

8130 East Skelly Dr
Tulsa, OK 74129

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May 23, 2018

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- Jessica1985

What started to not be the best experience ended even worse!! 2 issues I've had during the process of getting my SUV from this God awful place... #1 it took 3 weeks to buy the dang car because their finance company delayed everything for whatever reason (at least that's what I was told) #2 they sold me a car with a headlight that was out and a radio that wasn't working properly... it took 2 weeks to get them to fix the headlight which was a safety issue and after plenty of arguing I finally got my radio fixed... I thought my issues were over but I was terribly wrong! As part of my original "deal" my tags and plates were to be included... In fact I remember I specifically remember having a conversation about it with my dealer, Eddie when we are on the test drive and how I know it can be done and I needed it to be done because I knew I would not be able to afford to pay that and a car payment in the same month. He agreed, "We'll make it happen".... That night my Mother in Law and I hard signed (with an ink pen) several pieces of paper work to show the basic outline of our deal.... Tags and plates were included on this list. I thought everything was fine... So fast forward to a week before my "paper" tag was going to expire and I started calling wanting to know what I do or when I should pick up my plates... Miraculously no one knew what I was talking about... Some paper work was dug up where I signed that I was responsible for the registration... My mistake for not reading everything they threw at me, I take 100% responsibility for that, however, where is the original paper work that was "ink signed" and not electronically signed?? Any guesses? NO ONE CAN FIND IT! Surprise Surprise....I talked to Phil Tompson a manager and his boss Tom Amos who is the manager of the entire place and told me that he couldn't look for the paper work at that moment and that he would have to find it in order to back up what I was saying but they were under an audit... That was Friday 4/27/18 the day my tags expired... I've called and left several messages and not once has anyone ever bothered to call me back. So now I am stuck with a $750 registration fee that as far as I'm concerned can come out of 3 peoples pockets that work there! But of course I will get screwed. It hard to believe that a whole dealership can lose paper work conveniently that releases them of any obligations. All I kept hearing was, "well we lost $1500 on this deal." Not my problem... It was listed for just under $10,000 on the website and I'm spending a total of $17,000 when everything is said and done so how are you losing a xxxx thing? (I'm sure there's some lingo that I'm not aware of since its not the industry I work in) any way all that set aside... I will NEVER and I mean NEVER recommend this dealership to anyone I ever know because why would I want anyone I know or anyone for that matter of fact to do business with a company who cant get their lives together!? Lets see, conveniently lose paper work, make changes to a deal without telling the other party, argue and show ZERO customer service skills and cant do a single thing they say... The only reason I got my radio fixed at all was because of 2 reviews I posted and then was called and asked to delete or change the reviews which I agreed and did. Well needless to say I've updated my reviews... And these aren't being changed... Don't go to this dealership... Run in the opposite direction!

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