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Robert Bouza
Robert Bouza, Pre-Owned Manager, Woodfield Lexus
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Robert Bouza

Pre-Owned Manager

Woodfield Lexus

350 E Golf Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173

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August 28, 2018

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"Promising start turned into 3500 dollar nightmare repair"

- yasinjensen

I live in CT and was looking for the right car and was willing to drive/fly far to get it. I found the 330ci at WOODFIELD LEXUS and knowing it was a long trip to make, I had lots of specific questions for them regarding the condition of the car. Everything from the condition of the breaks, tires, to inner parts like the serpentine belt, valve cover gasket and idler pulley, etc. For every question, I was met with the same answer: "Yasin, it's a very nice car and if there was anything wrong, our mechanics would have found it during their very thorough inspection". Purchasing from a very reputable dealership was an important factor - so naturally I take their word. Upon getting back to CT - approximately 1000 miles later, but over the course of 3 days, the electrics fail, whilst the engine overheats. Upon getting the car serviced, it turns out it was due to a very worn idler pulley tearing up as well as a very worn serpentine belt needing replacement. I reached out to Woodfield (Randy), to then be informed that I was over the 500 mile warranty mark - so no help could be extended. I was told that that was typical for these BMW's - "nice car, but many problems". Except, I was informed that I was getting an awesome car in great shape. I had to pay the 350 dollar repair. A few days later the car started dripping an immense amount of oil prompting me to find a certified BMW mechanic to give the entire car a thorough inspection as I no longer trusted that the information on the car's condition I'd received was accurate. The mechanics discovered that whilst mostly mechanically and aesthetically sound, the car had been poorly maintained. Not only did the car need significant work to rectify the oil situation due to significant wear and tear on the valve cover gasket, oil pan, and oil filter etc, but they also found the following were in dire need of replacement: engine mounts, transmission mounts, front control arm brushings, both rear strut with mounts and hardware. Oil issues was a big flag I waved when Lexus Woodfield informed me that there had been oil seepage, but that it had been taken care of - again, I quote “if there was anything wrong, our mechanics would have found it”. To save the engine and ensure the car would be in driving condition, the repair totaled an additional 3500 dollars. When I confronted the salesman, he told me straight up that he was just the sales guy and couldn’t help me - informing me that I had to reach out to head of used cars. I was also told that they had sold me the car in good faith, so therefore couldn’t take responsibility for the flaws I was seeing - also indicating that I had driven 1000 miles. Whether 200 or a 1000 miles, it was clear that with the condition the car was in, it was an accident waiting to happen. I tried calling several times - but every time I got through to his voice answering machine. Despite leaving messages, my calls weren’t returned. I couldn’t get a hold of him. An unfortunate situation for me, feeling that I had been sold a car that should clearly have had significant repairs prior to the sale, which were instead passed on to me. I'm sure Woodfield didn't sell me the car knowing it had flaws, but there simply wasn't a thorough enough check and they refused to help now that the situation turned to be worse than expected. The biggest surprise to me is that this service came from a 5-star dealership. This review is to chronologically document the process of what happened. Yes, in my opinion, this is not the service I expected, and am still hopeful that they will see this as encouragement to do right by me. If they choose to stand by their decision, then it's up to the reader of this review to decide whether this action is fair or not.

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Sep 13, 2018

Woodfield Lexus responded

We apologize for your dissatisfaction of your recent purchase of a 2006 BMW 330CI. This vehicle was sold as is, after a safety check by our technicians. For the age of the vehicle and mileage, this vehicle was in good condition, and was priced accordingly. We would always give our customer the opportunity to bring a vehicle back to us to review if there is a problem.

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