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"Along with a brake flush and a NC inspection, I had an intermediate service done on my 2014 Boxster. All went well with the staff who were all courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable. My car was returned with a very nice wash job."
"Every girl has a dream of owning a Barbie car...this dream came true for me here at this dealership... Big thanks to Alicia and super huge thanks to my wonderful fiancé for making my dreams come true... Alicia was awesome to work with and I love the way everyone hustled to help... God is good and so are the people that do his good deeds... I recently found out I have a terminal illness and tomorrow is never promised for me... My fiancé has made it his priority to make my last days here on earth happy ones... I want to thank everyone at the dealership for making this dream a reality!!! Hugs and Kisses...."