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Aj Mehta
"I worked with Ravill, owner of RAVMotors on the outright purchase of my 2004 Porsche 911 C4S. At first when we met in spring, Ravill could not offer what I wanted on a purchase price ( I was pretty high to be honest) but generously offered to consign it for me. He actually gave me a very fair offer on the outright purchase, more then other dealers in town, including the Porsche Dealership. I thought that was honest and upstanding of him. After 2 months, it did not sell at my high price, understandably off course. He still however, offered me very close to the original offer to purchase it outright knowing that time had passed and the season is moving rather quickly. I decided to take his offer. The entire process was absolutely painless and quick. The team at RAVMotors know what to do and do it right the first time. I will definitely be sending my friends to him if they are searching for cars. Honest & knowledgeable people there who genuinely care for the customer and not the money. Props to Ravill and RAV! Keep up the solid work!"
"Josh Corchine was outstanding. First time for me to purchase a car out of state. Josh made it very easy. He is knowledgeable and professional. Beautiful new dealership."