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"Considering the size of the Bob Moore Auto franchise, I was surprised at the high level of service during my experience leasing a Cayenne. A big thank you to Nick for crafting a deal tailored to our needs. He knows his product and numbers. Thank you Alex for a professional and detailed delivery. I appreciate the deal was direct and to the point. Mike K closed it out perfectly with finance. A professional group! "
Paul H
"Found a unique, low miles, Porsche 911 C4S on their website. Contacted Kevin Courtney at the dealer and he walked me thru all the details of the car and its history. Answered all my questions (and I had many) in a professional manner. Took additional pictures of the car and text them to me. I was originally concerned since I live 1500 miles away. But after talking and texting with Kevin over a period of time, I was comfortable with the deal and trusted Kevin fully. Took delivery of the car this past Thursday and it was as good (maybe even better) as described. Kevin is a man of his word and Starwood is a class act. Highly recommend Kevin and Starwood Motors."