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"Although these folks are eager and appear motivated, they failed mightily in attending to this customer. Showed up at their dealership and was traded-up from a $69K car to a $97,000 2017 Maserati knocked-down to $86K or so. Nice deal. "OK, Bill, financing's no problem...stick around (three hours while our understaffed dealership does 100 things at once)." And I dealt with the sales manager himself. OK... All the calls are allegedly made, I sign all the paperwork, 20 pages worth, and am offered the car to drive home the same night. I decline...out of time, because the dogs have to be walked. On my WAY TO THE DEALERSHIP the next morning, I get the call: "Hold on...now there's a credit issue..." Long story short, very strict Maserati Finance declined me. OK...not the dealership's fault... BUT...what kind of dealership is so negligent (or greedy) that they "approve" a customer before he's approved? Print everything out, tell him he's "done", and then pull the rug out from under him? I even spoke with Piazza Group co-owner Tony Piazza, who was defensive but offered no assistance. Even with 20 dealerships in their hands, they offered no apologies, no calls, no alternative offers...NOTHING! So, deal with these guys at your own risk. Their job seems IMO to be only to churn cars quickly with no thought as to the customer...only to the bottom line. xxxx, I'm so mad, I've dumped family member Mike Piazza's Mets (lifetime fan) and gone to the Yankees. At least with the Yanks, you know what you're getting AHEAD of time! Of course, the dealer may counter this commentary - it's his right. But if you're thinking about buying a Maserati from these amateurs, go somewhere else. "
"Ayman was able to make buying a car a pleasant experience, which I never knew would be possible. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and went above and beyond to meet my needs. Ayman's customer service skills are among the best I have ever experienced. The rest of the staff was also very professional and helpful. Ben in finance was also amazing. If you are looking for a pleasant and enjoyable car buying experience, go see Ayman. You won't be disappointed."