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"I could not be more pleased with Rick Case Maserati above all the other Maserati dealerships I have ever visited! I had the pleasure of working with Karl Dillett II when I was shopping for a new 2019 model and by far, he was the best sales person I have yet to come across. I found Karl to be so kind, patient, attentive to each and every detail, thorough in explaining every new feature, honest, transparent, hard working, and very enthusiastic about the Maserati brand! After I had had some negative experiences at other Maserati dealerships, it was because of Karl that my faith was renewed in Maserati and their staff/team. I wish they could all be like Karl! I can only say that I will be recommending others to Rick Case Maserati and specifically to Karl! He is the best! He deserves more than 5 stars!! "
"Yannick Tovar was our service manager. He was very professional and service oriented. My husband commented that he was impressed because he always answered the phone when he called. He went above and beyond to ensure we had a great experience."