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"We have had some of the worst experiences throughout life at the hands of car dealerships. All that changed when we walked into Coulter Cadillac and met Grant LaFrinier. We needed education on a few models of interest. Not only did Grant spend the time we required to get educated , but he found what really was the perfect car for our needs and budget. Since then any time we have needed help in any way...Coulter and specifically Grant, were there to make it all happen painlessly! We will purchase any future cars from Grant at Coulters and continue to recommend all our neighbors and friends do themselves a favor and do the same thing! Down to the birthday greetings and feeling like every employee is always glad to see us...Coulters is a class act."
"When it came to buying my new car, Dalilah was super pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, accommodating and made my car buying experience a great one! Dalilah delivered exactly what was negotiated. Quality car, great price and the personal attention that everyone loves! :) This is my second Cadillac purchase from Ron Carter and plan on coming back for my next! I would definitely recommend Ron Carter Cadillac - and Dalilah, to my family and friends looking for a new car!"