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"We found De'Anna Parks-Bloom very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. She found the exact car we wanted and delivered it very quickly and we had it in our possession in two days. We love our car and are extremely happy with De'Anna's sales expertise! "
"I was driving from Canton Mi to St.Joseph when my air conditioning had broke down, I was,able to Google the dealership location. When I arrived I was politely greeted by Ralf who reassured me that everthing will be taken care of and informed me that the overall time would not be long. In mind I was like great! What else can go wrong and nothing did. My car was fixed and looked over within 1 hour . I recived a follow up call within 2 hours to see how my air conditioning was working and a thank you card in my car. I have never been so impressed with the customer service, promptness, honesty and would highly recommend , Ralph who answered all my questions that I had abt my car and ect. And anyone who wants great service should go to Le Valley."