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"As usual Debbie Henry greeted me by name with a smile and a "Hello". She is always bright, very professional and knowledgeable. Debbie always asks if I have had any problems that should be tended to and she also checks what should be done at this point. On my last visit there were a number of items that needed to be done and it would take a bit of time to complete the servicing. Since I had another appointment, Debbie offered me a "loaner" so I would not have to come back at a later date. This is the type of service that I appreciate. Carole S."
"I Highly Recommend Ed Morse Cadillac of Delray Beach! Grateful for the excellence in professionalism and attentiveness of the Five-Star team. A performance throughout which embodied the time honored and prestigious Cadillac tradition. Jill and Joe are warmly welcoming and in-tune when researching online. Michael's product knowledge and patience is spot on. Gil then provided accurate recommendations and personalized guidance with expertise. Finally, Frank was stellar. His leadership rose above and beyond expectations to make a childhood dream come true. I drove off Ecstatic! Thanks again, -Cristian"