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"Was in the market for an SUV for my wife. A Cadillac, MB, BMW, Lexus, Infinity, etc. Found a Lexus 4-5 months ago at online at Hennessy of Southlake. But, it had been purchased about an hour before. I stayed in touch with Mike Novotny and he kept sending me an email drip about once a month. I had searched Autotrader, Cargurus, CarMax, Drivers Way, etc. I then changed my search criteria and I found about 8 vehicles that I had an interest in. Got back in touch with Mike. The Cadillac was available. took care of everything over the phone between them and my credit union, America's First FCU, the sale took maybe 10 minutes at the credit union and 20 minutes with Adam at Hennessy and we were the proud owners of a great looking and running SUV. Mike was off, so his partner Jim Hitchcock gave us the tour of the car, gave us great instruction on ALL the special features the SRX offers, and we were gone. We drove from Hoover to Morrow in 2.5 hours, and back. I have owned 20 cars or more in my life. This was the easiest, and handled very professionally. I would definitely recommend Mike Novotny, Jim Hitchcock, and Adam the closer to anybody looking for a great price, and first class treatment. As they say when you call, "this is Hennessy, may I help you?". And they do their best to earn your buisness! Ray Henderson Hoover, AL '"
"I had a problem with the engine & called in to let Kuni Service that I would be dropping off the car within 1 hr. I wasn't sure if it was safe to drive (per car manual engine problems should be immediately reported to the service dept.). I was surprised to hear (from lady who's responsible for service appointments) that I could not drop off my car for about 2 weeks since "...service is too busy to even look at your car". I didn't listen to her and still showed up. To my surprise (?!) service adviser checked my engine right away (!) with the USB tester and agreed it was bad. I got a loaner car in 10 min. Next day my car was checked by the mechanic who identified 2 bad fuel injectors which were replaced the following day. Great service; thank you Ed Sumioshi & Ed Landerholm. Really appreciate your help! I guess if it was up to the appointment scheduling lady, my car would not be drivable for another 2 weeks. Glad to now that service advisers are more reasonable and accommodating. "