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"We had not planned on getting a car yesterday, just wanted to find out if I could get out of the new car I bought in late Oct.2014 After having the car for only six months it just was not the car for me. Lou Long was really great. He was so helpful and was very understanding about the mistake I had made getting the car that I did in Oct. He was able to show me cars and took the time to help me find the right car for me. He spent a lot of time giving me a chance to find the car that was right for me. He is a great "Match Maker". I am happy with the advice he gave and also I feel I have the car of my dreams. My new Cadillac CTS! Everyone at Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac was very nice. It was a pleasant day and ended up with a beautiful car. Thank You Lou!"
"I just purchased a Cadillac CTS from Ellen Buday. She was so extremely helpful and an absolute delight to work with. When I buy my next Cadillac it will be from Ellen Buday. I had a very wonderful experience at Suburban Cadillac."