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Better late than never
"After breaking three appointments in one day, they still took me in at 3:45, changed my oil, patched a nail whole and offered to service my windshield washer system. Jason Goerz was very professional. He walked me over to the sales dept. after showing him an offer I received in the mail, an opportunity to trade in our 2013 SRX and recieve a $1600.00 rebate on top of any and all offers. Thanks to Jason we met with John Fabs and will be going back on Sunday to consider trading in our SRX, and taking advantage of this opportunity."
"I had been looking for that perfect car for months, upside down on my car. My credit is definitely less than perfect. No one wants to give you a break. Not only that but I have heard, "we are the only car dealership around with the best deals ". I could throw up! Then they want to put you in a piece of crap worse than the one you have. Well T.J. Gomez had his work cut out for him. Not only did he put me in my dream car but I can honestly say that I haven't been so happy in the longest time. So happy that I jumped up and down, hugging him and squealing like a pig! If you want a car go to Bart's and ask for T.J. Gomez. Before long you will be squealing! Happy Car Shopping "