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"My experience at this dealership was very professional and handled by Gerry Benson of Lia. I would recommend this dealership cto all of my friends n family."
"For the last few years all my auto purchases were done through a dealership that I had family working at. When I started looking into purchasing a new car I was worried this time around how it was going to go since I actually had to deal with salesman this time. My first stop was Chapman Chevrolet and let me tell you I will never be going back there. Second stop was Mark Mitsubishi Scottsdale. When we arrived, a nice gentleman went and got Abby, which was who my husband spoke to on the phone. She was awesome! We waited for my parents to arrive to get my kids and she was great with them, discussing Starwars etc. Once we went inside she got our info and within minutes we were test driving the car I was interested in. Didn't really like the one I came to see, so she helped us look into a few options and we test drove another option. I liked that one a lot, but the color I wanted was at their Phoenix location. We discussed my trade and they gave me a great deal. Abby was able to confirm the car I wanted was still available, they worked hard to get me to the price I wanted and we signed on the dotted line. Since it was after 8pm on a Sunday, they provided me a loaner vehicle for Sunday night and Monday and I picked up my new car on Monday afternoon. Even though Monday was Abby's day off she still came in to finish everything up and confirm I was happy, which I was! Only minor issue is that the Phoenix location forgot to leave the floor mats in the car when it was transferred. I mentioned this to Abby, she apologized for the error and assured me she would get it handled. About a week later she personally delivered the floor mats to me once she got off work. It was amazing that she offered to bring them to me instead of me having to drive up from Gilbert to get them, not to mention that she used her personal time to ensure she provided great service. Overall they are amazing, pleasant, nice. If you make it to Mark Mitsubishi Scottsdale ask for Abby, next time I'm in the market for a car I will be looking for her to sell it to me!"