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"So, I've had the pleasure to have my car serviced and the lifetime that I've had the car was only dealt with here. In 2010, I purchased a Lancer Evolution and stayed with them for any and all service. From my purchase date to my last day there I've always loved how great these guys were. Josh, Joe, Bob, Keith, Chris, Jason and any tech guy, parts guy, service and salesmen that I saw were always so great and friendly. I've never been rushed, pressured, and felt less than their number one customer. From oil changes, body work, warranty issues, and finally selling my car back to them. It was the best experience I've had with any dealership. Even when they're busy, they're their for you. I never had any problems with them and when things weren't fixed accordingly due to issues out of their hands, I knew they felt horrible and truly did their best to fix above and beyond what was needed for customer services. This place is aces! I will recommend any one to come and get your car serviced here and purchase from them. Take care guys! I'll come by to visit even though I don't need service. Joe! Hey man congrats! Thank you guys! "
"I am very thankful for the team at Jeremy Franklin. Jesse helped my family get not 1 but 2 cars for our crazy lives. He explains everything well. Getting a car can be hard but they don't make it seem that way. Thabk you Jesse and staff. "