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"I knew what I wanted when I came through the door, and Dave, my salesman, did not try to push me into buying anything bigger and better. Dave was helpful throughout the process and when he couldn't answer a question right away he went and found the answer instead of trying to BS. Aside from some gentle pressure to close the deal (which I expected), there was none of the stereotypical antics. Everything else was fine. I got a good price. Probably not the absolute best I could have gotten had I looked around and haggled more, but I was looking for convenience and a quick purchase. There is a minor hiccup that I understand is not the dealership's fault, and is being taken care of. --- I'll update my post if it is not!"
"I deal with Carol Barnao buying my pre-owned Mitsubishi Galant and everything went smoothly. She was knowledgeable, friendly and best of all, not pushy! I would shop there again."