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"Big selection.Great selection.Always deals/rebates going.Wonderfully knowledgeable and courteous staff.Excellent prices.Gives you what your trade is worth or higher.I've been buying brand new or newer used Mitsubishi(s) since I graduated high school from Jeff D'Ambrosio Downingtown.And I am now close to 35 years old.Salesman David Williams keeps in touch from time to time asking how's the vehicle.David knows I am now a single mother of four children and looks out for me....what's in my best interest for my family financially and overall.Also nice hours are available to have your vehicle's scheduled maintenance done.CONVENIENT-CONVENIENT -CONVENIENT! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!"
"Wanna say that Brad jolley made my experience , a spectacular one, he guided me thru the whole process, made me feel confidence and had me laughing thru the whole process, he's a very good salesman, he's got skills"