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"I just wrecked my last car a month or so before locating the GTO I bought at TSJ. I had Found this car through online listings and sent an email showing interest in looking at the car. Not only did they get back to be but Justin personally called me within 12 hours of me sending the original email just to let me know that the vehicle was still available and to offer up any help he could provide in assisting me with arranging a test drive and looking at financing options. I live in Texas, and TSJ is in NJ, so this was a lot to expect of Justin to juggle (along with his already busy schedule). He was MORE than helpful in answering all of my dozens of questions and helped to put my worries at ease with having to buy plane tickets to fly half way across the nation just to get to see the vehicle. He helped to get me the information for financing as well as helped me in terms of scheduling considering the circumstances of flying into NJ from TX just to make this purchase happen. We were able to get a rental car through Enterprise and drop it off across the street from TSJ. When I got there, the vehicle was FULLY detailed right out front and waiting for me. Justin allowed me and my girlfriend time to look in every nook and cranny without overshadowing us while we looked around. He disappeared into the office and gave us space to talk amongst ourselves and didn't rush us. He came out and asked if I was ready for a test drive. He then GAVE me the keys and allowed my girlfriend and I to go driving ON OUR OWN to really get a feel for the vehicle without the common uneasy feeling of having the dealership salesman in the car and feeling like you're being watched with everything you do. Was not rushed for this either, which I sincerely appreciated! Got back and told them that I really wanted to inspect underneath the vehicle and requested to have the car lifted so I could get underneath and inspect for things like rust and other hidden damages. They even provided me with a creeper cart to literally lay down underneath and inspect everything that I wanted to. Finally I was 100% ready to purchase, and asked that they fill the tank up for me (since it was below 1/8th of a tank); they gladly did so. OVERALL: AMAZING Experience and Justin really made the ENTIRE process feel as important to him as it truly was for me. I can't say enough GREAT things about Justin and the staff at TSJ as they really made me feel comfortable and heard every step of the way. They even had some great suggestions for my girlfriend and I to go visit on our road trip back to Texas in my new GTO! What a great way to really get used to your new vehicle; driving 1500+ miles back home in it on your first real chance to drive it for any length of time. BUY FROM THESE GUYS! THEY ARE AMAZING!"
"It started off good, had a few bumps when the general manager intervine with the transactions. But our saler Bruce rocked!. From day one he was cheerful, very friendly and overall super nice guy. He was very patient with us and helped us get into a car we will be happy with for 3 years instead of putting in something the other guy suggest just to get a sale. Bruce is deserve a raise!!"