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"Just purchased are 6th vehicle from AutoNation Honda. Skip and Mark are always polite and courteous. We drive about an hour and a half to this dealership. Never need to shop around because we always know they're going to give us the best deal. So if you're in need of a car don't hesitate if Skip or Mark a call. "
unhappy customer
"Not sure how I should put this but guess started with being sold a lemon and then writing to dealer and get one answer from Keshawn Creighton and form letter no help at all. So write again get answer from Ted Showwalter and he tell me we can work it out come pick out a car to trade my lemon in on so I go up he says take this car I told them I didn't want that car but no matter what car I picked they couldn't finance it or was already gone or too many miles or to old told me had to be so new and not over 100k miles so I try a few cars and get run around and saw on one car I wanted they jacked price up so much that if I was bank i'd have turn it down too. But after 3 days spending hours at dealer decided to take the one they wanted me to take was tired of bull crap. But also want you to know that car they wanted me to take had over 100k miles on it but could finance it. And when they made me offer for the car I did take first deal they offered was lower then when I got the car and didn't notice cause I was just so tired of being at dealer and wanted to get out of there. But when got home went over papers and checked the first offer they made and was almost 2,000 more then the first offer. So I wrote to Ted Showwalter 4 times since deal and he doesn't even answer emails. So if you need a car i'd find yourself a good dealer that cares enough to at least even email you back. And maybe you'll be lucky and find an honest dealer that does care about the customer"