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"Brought my car in for what I thought was a tire problem. Service found another , serious problem which averted a probable future breakdown/motor issue. I am fortunate for service finding and fixing my car before more serious. Thank You! Unfortunately, I had to bring my car back 2x for computer tire sensor issue. Upon the 2nd time l was allowed a free rental and car was fixed in 24hrs. Emile , service manager was sensitive to the back and forth issued with fixing my car. I want to say thankfully, problem resolved, so far so good. Thanks again, Sincerely, Cheryl Simon"
"In the past I have been required to go to a different dealership due to warranty requirements. I have a Pontiac now, it was given as a gift to me. A gift I naturally very much appreciate. However it required me to take it to a different dealership. I have long been a customer of Tasca. Once the warranty was up I could return to where the service and expertise is unmatched. The problems I have encountered in going elsewhere were not issues with the vehicle as much as with the service. From crossing wires inside the dashboard so the traction control came on when I pushed the fog light button to having to replace axle seals three times in a row to them losing my keys when I dropped it off and then arguing about replacing the remote start key fob that THEY had lost. Coming back to Tasca is like coming home to family. I will always be a Tasca customer! Your list of employees to choose from below does not include two of what I consider to be the best of the best to deal with. George and Mike from service! I will choose Mike from Administration from the list below because I cannot submit the form if I don't make a selection but it is not someone that I deal with. "