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"Having worked at another area dealer for many years (won't mention which one) I found the car I was looking for and salesman Jason Schramm was very helpful and professional yet but in no way pushy.He made the experience pleasant as it should be.I would definitely come back again when needing another car.Thanks again Jason!"
"I found a rather limited edition model car, and there were only two of them being sold locally. The first dealer I talked to misled me and it turned out the car was in Ohio and they wanted me to pay to ship it to Florida. I then found a better deal with Duval Ford but due to some things in my credit history that I was not aware of (ex-spouse never took my name off her financed car) I was not sure if I really wanted to jump through all the hoops and red tape and was ready to walk away. But the whole team worked it out and I drove away that same day with one of the best cars I have ever had. I had an issue that turned out to be minor and even after the sale my salesman Warren Hart was quick to respond and offer his personal advice. They even took turns playing with my kid so I could concentrate on the conversations/paperwork. Would definitely recommend."