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"I have little confidence in this service department at the moment, The service advisers (Ron and friends) are spot on, I have Zero complaints about how I was treated. I am not happy that 1 of my concerns was not looked at, but what happens in that garage is much more concerning and makes the missed concern even worse for me. I take my vehicle to somewhere for service, most of the time for mechanical service concerns, that creates an expectation where the end result mechanically, must meet minimum standards; this is what is most important to me. You can be as nice as you possibly can be to me, but if the automotive service that takes place in the garage is lack luster, then I will have to stop coming there out of pure worry alone. I took my vehicle for a number of concerns, this was a warranty visit for me, allow to be specific about my end result; one of my concerns was not documented what so ever (Possible problem with the radio), so as it ends up, that concern was never addressed or even looked at, another concern was a bad vibration at 80 mph, this was not realistically taken care of professionally. I get my truck back and the vibration is gone, but now it pulls hard to the left (from 1 issue to the next). There was no pull to the left when I dropped the truck off. 2 weeks before hand, I test drove this truck on a test drive, it pulled to the right, but they corrected that, they said it was corrected with an alignment. I subsequently bought this truck from them. So after this 1st visit to their service center for warranty service, which took 5 days because they did not have some of the parts in inventory. The invoice states that they rotated the tires and balanced them too (to fix the vibration). Why not test drive the vehicle afterwards, knowing there was a complaint concerning safe handling? I just cannot understand completely missing a concern I have about the radio and furthermore not doing a test drive after making changes or improvements to the wheels or tires, changes that would affect safe handling."
"Terrance made my car buying experience worth while. He was very easy to work with and made sure we were happy with our purchase. I highly recommend Champion and especially Terrance. I will buy all of my cars from him from here out. Cross in finance was awesome too very informative and answered all of our questions. Great staff. "