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Top Reviewed Employees

Chad Cowans, Sales and Leasing Consultant, Keffer Mazda

Chad Cowans

Sales and Leasing Consultant
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Randy Lodato, Finance Manager, Keffer Mazda

Randy Lodato

Finance Manager
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Yuri Carvalho, Sales and Leasing Consultant, Keffer Mazda

Yuri Carvalho

Sales and Leasing Consultant
Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership employees.
Robert Ciarletta, Sales and Leasing consultant, Keffer Mazda

Robert Ciarletta

Sales and Leasing consultant
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March 17, 2018

"Best and super professional "


Honestly the guy I had was the best. Catrell was extremely professional and gave me the best deal! Seriously I’m 100% coming here for all my car needs.

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Employees Worked With

Catrell Allen

February 26, 2018

"I will never go back!!!!"

- jenni526

2 1/2 months after purchasing a "Certified Pre-Owned" CX-5, I took my vehicle in for 40,000 mile servicing. No problems, just expecting more or less a simple oil change and tire rotation. I was surprised with notice of rear brake issues and leaking gasket cover. Being totally caught off guard, I went ahead with the repairs. I informed the service assistant that this was a recent purchase and that I had purchased the additional "wrap-around' warranty, but he just kept going and never even looked into possible coverage. Looking back and after talking to the service manager of the Mazda dealership where I purchased the vehicle ... I feel taken advantage of. I honestly feel that I paid for services that were not necessary. UNETHICAL!!!!! And as icing on the cake ... I waited for 5 hours. My appointment was 1145am and I left at 5pm. Not once was I offered a courtesy shuttle or vehicle as advertised. This is my first Mazda and although I enjoy the CX-5, after this "Mazda Experience", I am considering getting rid of the vehicle. "Shame on you!", Keffer Mazda.

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Employees Worked With

not really sure .. EJ Isaman is name on invoice

February 11, 2018

"Every which way but upfront"

- Lesley Houser

I went in thinking that I would have a great experience at Keffer Mazda in Huntersville, NC. I had begun communication with Amanda, internet sales manager, on a Monday about a silver 2015 Mazda 3 that had 24,986 miles on it. The vehicle was listed on cargurus.com and the Keffer Mazda website for the price of $15,997. The next day, a Tuesday, the price on all websites had been raised to $16,977 and all of the photos had been updated with better quality pictures. My immediate thought was that as soon as I had shown interest, they went in and raised the price almost $1000. Luckily, I had printed out a page Monday showing the original price of the car so with that in hand, I still felt okay about keeping my appointment to view the car. My appointment was on Saturday and Amanda kept in touch with me via text, email, and telephone until the appointment day. She even texted me the carfax report for the Mazda 3 when I asked for it. Bottom line, she knew exactly what car I was coming in to see. She also knew that I was driving almost 2 hours to their dealership. When I arrived I was greeted by Otis and Amanda. Amanda said that Otis would be helping me that day. Otis was very friendly. There was a hold up with my test drive, however, and this is when things got very weird. Kyle, used car manager, approaches me and informs me that a new grill and bumper had been ordered for the car and a new paint job is scheduled but that I can still test drive the car. Okay. . . carfax reported no accidents. A few minutes later, Chris, new cars manager, comes in to tell me why it is taking so long. There are cups and things in the car because they had just gotten the car in and had no time to detail it. What? The car in the pictures looked pretty darned detailed to me not to mention the grill, bumper, and paint job looked perfect. Finally, Otis comes to get me so that I can test drive the silver 2015 Mazda 3. We walk out and there is a blue sedan sitting there. The one I am supposed to look at is a hatchback. I take a look at the front of the car and the grill is almost split in half with big dents all around. I open the car door and there are no leather seats. The seats are upholstery with dog fur and dog pee stains everywhere. I wouldn't have even tried to sit in that disgusting lemon. I looked at Otis and asked if he was sure that this is the car that I was supposed to look at? We go back inside and he is off to check with someone. At this point, I have been at Keffer for an hour with no test drive. After about 20 or more minutes, Otis comes back to say that he has another CX3 for me to look at. I got my trusty printout out of my purse at this point. It's a Mazda 3, silver, here it is right here on the paper. Amanda even sent me the carfax. Otis is off again. Another 20 or more minutes. I arrived at the dealership at 10:40 am and I finally got to test drive the correct vehicle at 12:20 pm. After that came the negotiations. They refused to even consider honoring the original price that was posted for the car. Otis checked with his manager(s) and they told him to tell me that it was some automatic price that the internet came up with, not Keffer. I reminded Otis that this price was on Keffer's own website and that they have to input data into their own site. He had to shrug on it because it seemed like he knew his hands were tied. Next, I am shown what my payments are on the $16, 977 price and with taxes, tags, and such the net price came to $18,000 some dollars. I again mention that I want a payment plan based on the $15, 997 price. Otis tries to go to his managers one more time. Otis come back with more weird excuse. That $1000 price difference is because the $15,997 didn't include taxes, tags, and such. I tell Otis that I did see where additional taxes, etc. where added to the $16, 977 price bringing the net price to over $18,000. Basically, they wanted me to think that the price increased $1000 the day after I asked about it because the $1000 increase was meant to reflect the net price as being $16,977. Why was my payment paper showing a net price of over $18,000? Silly, Keffer, tricks are for kids, not a grown woman who makes a living as a financial counselor (and they knew what I did for a living, lol.) Admittedly, my credit is not perfect and I had no down payment. However, Keffer could have done things so much differently. They should have shown me the car that they knew I was coming to see to start with then tried to show me other cars if that car was going to be out of my reach. Next, Keffer should know better than to jack up the price of a vehicle online after a potential customer shows interest. Most people would know better than to think a supposedly reputable dealer would allow some internet phantom invent incorrect prices on their cars. Sure, they were very nice and friendly all the while they were insulting my intelligence with a smile on their faces. Left with a bitter taste instead of a car.

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Employees Worked With

Otis, Amanda, Chris (new car sales), Kyle (used car sales)

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