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Suzuki Service Center Reviews

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2 days ago
"Everything was good from intake, to discussion of service required with maintenance rep, to the length of time require to accomplish the service. All employees were helpful and friendly. Only issue, and it is not a big one, was the fact that I was asked for ID when presenting my credit card payment. That at least used to be prohibited by law. I complied, but not many other places ask for your ID when you pay with a credit card. Small thing, but overall service was outstanding."
3 days ago
"I bought my Outback from Joe about a year ago. Very recently I was rear ended so I called Joe again. Joe sent a loaner car to my work the next day. They drove my car to the shop and got me connected with Angel in their service center right away. Angel called me back with a few other things that were covered under warranty that they fixed that day. The rest was sent to their body shop. I got an estimate that day. I got my car back 4 days later. Everything looks great. Joe and Angel were amazing! Can't say enough about this place."