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"My 2012 range rover sport had a problem that I had brought to a dealer in willow grove pa. where I had purchased the car They had my car in willow grove on three different occasions and the car was in their shop for a total of 3 weeks and they were unable to fix the problem and gave me a hard time about it. A friend suggested Paul Miller and Mr. Decker at Paul Miller was able to fix the problem in one day. I recommend Paul Miller without reservation. The car was spotless when I got it back. They are clearly a first rate service department."
"This is my second time being at the dealership in Hanover to get a new Range Rover Evoque. I decided to trade in my 2013 Range Rover Evoque for the 2014 model and Craig Schuman knew exactly what I was looking for! His hard work ethic and professional customer service demeanor made the experience very smooth, once again! The entire process was a breeze and Craig got me in the vehicle that I wanted. I am a returning customer because they do everything above and beyond what I expected and I'm sure he will for many other customer as well. Thanks Craig!"