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"W/W Levy"
"So glad my husband and I decided to take a chance at checking out one of these! Ron (online dept) followed up on our online inquiry and told me not to think it couldn't be done, so we challenged him. Well long story short, persay; Simon (Sales Rep), Nick (Sales Mgr) and Morgan (Finance) made what we thought would be the impossible, possible! Happy to say, We now own our very first luxury vehicle, a Range Rover Evoque And we have No Buyers remorse on this purchase! Be sure to ask for Simon and his Land Rover Team and give them your challenge! Thank you Ron, Simon, Nick, and Morgan!"
"I purchased a 2012 Land Rover, Range Rover from this dealer. The day I drove it home I called them to tell them of many issues from suspension to electronics. I told them I did not want the vehicle. They talked me into keeping it.I took the vehicle back the next day.and they said they would fix it correctly. 7 weeks later I got tired of the lies and went back. I heard all the excuse you could imagine. I made a verbal agreement with the owner if I kept the car he would fix any problems with in the first 12 months. He also stated my car would be ready in 3-4 days. 4 weeks later.....They called and said it was ready and properly repaired. ....... 1 hour later the suspension failed and the a/c was not working properly. I called and they were closed. I sent text to the GM telling him of the issues and I wanted to talk to the owner the next day. The GM quit and the message did not get to the owner of the dealership for two weeks because I personally drove the car back. He refused to discuss the issue and threw me out saying he never made a verbal commitment ! I had 2 witnesses. Filed complaint with the DMV....... The investigation is in the works."