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"always ther to help with service even without an appointment. they worked diligently on getting the vehicle i wanted and in a timely fashion. and also a fare price on the trade in"
"We live in Baltimore, Md and found the vehicle we wanted on the Kingstowne Motorcars Website. So by communicating with Sean, he made us feel comfortable to traveled the 1 1/2 to shop. When we arrived we were received with respect, treated like friends and our transaction was smooth and effortless. Bill, allowed us to leave our trade-in and drive the new vehicle back with only our word and a hand shake! We came back as promised, Sam worked out the paperwork and Rosie so graciously finalized the deal. I thought that businesses did not treat customers this way anymore. I do realize that making the numbers work were important, but this warm experience made me remember that there are great business people that are also compassionate people too. Thank you Sean, Bill, Sam and Rosie!"