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"I started looking for a new Saab in December 2011 when things were looking shaky for Saab Automobile. If it was going to be my last new Saab, I wanted to make sure it was the car I wanted - no compromises. A 9-3 Aero w/ a 6sp manual and a stick shift. I called several dealers nationwide, but the one which really stood out was International Motors in Falls Church, VA. Many of the other dealerships either didn't return my call, or the person I was talking to didn't even realize they had Saabs on the lot (at a Saab dealership, mind you). However, when I talked to Chris Lee, it was a completely different experience. I informed him of what I was looking for, he worked with me over the phone on a price, and when I told him "it would be a few weeks", there was no pressure, and that he'd be happy to talk to me about this car or any other one when the time came to buy. After another few weeks of looking at other cars and arranging the finances, I called Chris back and arranged the final deal. This was done very professionally - so professionally, in fact, that I felt comfortable sending these guys a cashier's check for a car sight unseen. When I arranged a flight out to the dealership to pick the car up, I was greeted by Chris at the door and given a thorough overview of the car and its features. Chris obviously knew the ins and outs of the car, and easily had more knowledge about Saabs than any other dealerships i'd purchased Saabs from in the past. Furthermore, once I arrived at the dealership, there were no surprises. Again with the professionalism - everything was exactly as discussed, the car was well cleaned and detailed, and I started my drive home. And my new 9-3 is everything I hoped it would be, and more! After the sale, i had a slight issue regarding the door lock. Chris worked with me well beyond my expectations, and made sure I was a satisfied customer. Even though they are half-way across the country, I will be looking at Int'l Motors for my next car purchase."
"I felt at home at the dealership. The poeple there was nice and helpful. I would come back again. I will also tell ohter to come."