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"Keep in mind that I am a 1st time poster. Don't generally do this. Saw this review for this car dealership just now. FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE, REASONABLE PRICE, GOOD QUALITY VEHICLES... 1st 3 things were very true when we dealt with them, HOWEVER the last one that said GOOD QUALITY VEHICLE did not turn out that way for us. College aged son bought with his entire savings account a nice looking 2008 Grand Prix back in August for college. We tested it two different days. Only issue was there was no 2nd key. I think that was my warning not to buy the car, BUT I missed it. Anyway, 2nd Automatic start key cost us over $100.00. A few days later the battery went out... 2 more days later the alternator went out... As my mechanic was fixing that they noticed the water pump leaking. Replaced that. Now we are $800.00 in for repairs in less then 2 weeks.. Now the engine light keeps coming on.. Auto-start does not work with engine light on.... Been to a shop 3 times trying to figure out cause. Code read ignition coil. Replaced it. .. light came back on... O2 sensor now out. replaced it. Engine light came back on again.. Now many codes are appearing... Mechanic is thinking OCM computer is going out. Big, big expense. Wow! What a piece of junk.. This much repair in less then 3 months..... Could be just don't buy a Pontiac, but Car Plus Credit was the one who sold it to us. Incredibly frustrating situation.. Would and still might take it back and raise heck, but we live 160 miles away from Independence. Don't know if others have had similar experiences, but that was ours. Regardless, be careful with what you buy here. Perhaps asked to have a mechanic to check things out first. Being far away, we didn't have that option. Would I recommend buying from here? OBVIOUSLY NO! Were consideration coming back and looking for a mini-van this summer.. Not now... "
"The staff was warm and inviting, and the waiting area was the best that I had ever been in. It was just like being in a private residence. It was perfect. You can really tell that management was considering the customer experience with the thought that was put into the waiting area from the newspapers, to the water bottles, to the ice, and all the way to the Keurig machine with the large variety of K-cups, Splenda, sugar, and creamer. I love the free public WiFi, as it allowed me to get my homework done and the repair was made before I had even realized I had been there over an hour. I literally lost time and that was a wonderful experience."