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"My positive experience with Dirito Brothers is all about Shannon. So great to see her back in the service department. I’ve worked with her for 4 cars now and she’s the reason I’m back. Excellent service, great personality and very efficient. She knows her customers and their cars. Took a test drive with Nanika and she was fantastic as well, very knowledgeable! "
3 days ago
"I have been a client and friend of Herb Chambers Saab - and now Porsche - for nearly 15 years. They are welcoming, approachable, kind, attentive, and thorough, and that is just when dropping off your vehicle. The workmanship has always been top drawer, and when it didn't meet expectations or something was missed, work was immediately executed. The showroom and service area are light in mood and surroundings, but one definitely knows the appropriate work is being done all around you. Pull up a couch in the garage area, and you would feel like you were in your own living room watching a car show. A good car show. I'm considering a new car that might take me away from this dealership service, and that is the one reason that I'm going to keep my current car on the road. I can't "quit" them."