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3 days ago
"Tried to get to service department 3 different days. Keep ending up at a dead end mail box that belongs to no one. I guess this is what happens if they are busy and no one answers. On 11/23/18 at 230 a lady did answer and said everyone busy ,but she would have someone call me. No call the 23rd, 24th, or 26th. on Monday ,the 26th tried to get appointment on line, I had to have my VIN not something I carry on me, so that didn't work. I was already upset because the manager had not called me as he promised he would when the part for my truck came in. I had been waiting 8 days, I was sure it was in but I was also sure I wasn't going to get a call, after 8 days of waiting. Finally got on line with a employee at southtown who had Mark call me. The part was in. Got it replaced. I would of been fine if Mark had called me as he said he would or if southtown would get a working phone system. "
"New car purchase. Friendly service. Efficient service. Knowledgeable staff. Helpful staff. Professional staff. Would definitely recommend. Great deal. Love the Subaru commercial. Wonderful give back offer to charity. Note, Subaru was not listed on survey. Had to check Saab to be able to send survey. Need to update when you receive. "