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Ide Honda

Rochester, NY

1,191 Reviews
Ide Honda is a family owned and operated Honda Dealership in Penfield, NY. It all started in 1970, when Dick Ide opened his first dealership in Fairport, NY. In 1973 he added the Honda franchise. A few years later, in 1977, he moved both dealerships to Panorama Trail. In 1984, Dick's oldest son, Mitch Ide, opened Mitch Ide's Ideal Chevy-Olds-Geo in Geneseo, NY. Along with his wife, Anne, they ran the dealership until selling it in 2000. In 2007 Mitch took on responsibility for the Honda dealership from his father and has been involved in daily operations. When we say family owned and operated, we mean it. Mitch is the owner, Anne is the CFO, their son, Rich is the VP. We know that buying a car is a big decision. And we want to make it as easy as possible for you. The Ide Family has a simple business philosophy, "Be Fair, And Be Honest." So come visit us in Penfield, you're going to get a great deal and have a great experience. We'd love to earn your business!

875 Panorama Trail S.

Rochester, NY



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April 17, 2007

"I've never got an itemized receipt for a brand new 2007..."

- hurrgirl

I've never got an itemized receipt for a brand new 2007 Accord I purchased from them. When I called them and requested an itemized receipt I was told they will mail it to me next day. But they never did! I had to keep calling them and bugging them and 3 weeks after that it turned out that I was overcharged by $1186.92! I am currently waiting for that money to come and I didn't get an apology either! Don't buy a car from them. And if you do (or did) request an itemized receipt.

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January 27, 2005

"I had bought my Honda Prelude at another Local Dealership..."

- justins

I had bought my Honda Prelude at another Local Dealership but took my car here to have it serviced for the first time. I was sure i had a faulty Transmission after 64,000 miles. It was slippy and consequently the check engine light had come on.

They fit me in before the weekend and diagnosed it in less than 24 hours after i had dropped it off. They told me that my transmission was done and i needed a new one as the gear ratio had gone by the wayside and it was so longer catching when shifting. Also each and every shift had become harder and a longer delay.

Now this is why i will bring my car here for the rest of its life... He said that the warranty had expired which i knew, and that it was about a $4000 expense. However, i was not going to have to pay for any of it. He mentioned it being a unique circumstance with the prelude auto and that they would be able to push it through at NO COST to me.

So here i am ONLY a week later from the day i dropped it off with a new transmission for NO COST. No diagnostic and no labor costs. I bank on it that if i had taken it where i had bought the car i would be out $4000 right now and it wouldnt be done.

This was by far my best experience with any service department ever.

Thank you Dick IDE!

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Rich Chacinski
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