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"Our salesperson Amit Sharma was extremely helpful in fulfilling our needs. His knowledge and expertise in regards to what he sells is excellent. He was very helpful in explaining how the entire process works, and was more than capable of answering any questions we had for him regarding the vehicle. The dealership definitely has great staff, and the Service Manager was willing to answer any questions we had for him. Overall, we highly recommend this dealership to anyone interested in a Fiat, or Alfa Romeo."
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2 days ago
"Upon reading Motor Trend about their "car of the year" and having no experience with Alfa Romeo's I decided to go investigate in person at this dealership. I was greeted by Lisa Blair who is very personable, professional, informative and helpful. She enlightened me, is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Then I test drove the car with her and I knew I had to have it! She facilitated / expedited the paperwork which was done in a most fast / efficient manner and then I was off in my new Giulia! Great buying experience overall and I highly recommend this dealership! "