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Suzuki Dealer Reviews

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"Thank you for your service. I would recommend the car lot. They are efficient, friendly and very professional. If you are looking for a vehicle go there and ask for Brent."
"Repowered with DF250hp, at diamond motors. First off, let me start by saying that if you know for sure you are probably going to buy a Suzuki outboard Motor from diamond marine in new Smyrna Beach, that you demand a sit down of at least 10 minutes of full attention from your sales rep. Sales rep was on the phone off the phone and it is very disruptive. Buying a new motor to me is a very big deal and requires full attention of at least 10 minutes. Go in knowing what you want, what HP, Length of shaft, what gauge you want, digital gauge, not a idiot light, but shows actual numbers of temp degrees like C10 gauge upgrade I ordered at $600. Do some homework before going in. Make sure to buy a sun cover for any gage. Get in writing what date to which the boat will be ready, delays are common. There are two types of prop rotation, clockwise which is standard issue, and counterclockwise which is opposite of a twin motor set up. Make sure there is no mix up, correct standard issue is (clockwise) on a single motor. The mechanics and employees are hands on and very informed and loyal to their job. They will answer any questions you may have, but ask the right questions. I still have no fuel gage or shows fuel usage from motor electronic control box and I installed my own analog fuel gage, but i end up knowing the truth at the gas station by the gallons pumped and hours of run time. Will research if fuel usage info is accurate and attainable from the motor electronic control module. If so, I want to get it hooked up right that’s my only remaining gripe. Over all, I am very happy with my brand new motor that purrrrrs like a kitten with lots of power, while quiet and fuel efficient, and very reliable my research shows. There were some bumps in the road to which they accommodated me, brand new means perfect, and it was close, but not to my liking, and they went the extra mile to appease me. Manager Tom is on his game and doing his job. Now have just over 20 hours on my new 250 hp after changing break in oils in motor and lower unit at 20 hours, (YouTube) next oil change every 100 hours, and can’t wait for good weather to run up some more hours. Hope this helps with your purchase of a new outboard. Written Oct 8, 2020 . "