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"As far as the being experience goes, they've done a fabulous job. This is where the good experience stops however. I brought my car in for a service and needed a rental . They put me in a Dodge Journey??! It was not even the same class of the car that I usually drive as it is about twice the size of mine. When I tried to bring up the issue with the Enterprise employee she said that, since my car is under warranty, these are the types of cars it covers. How is that ok? In my previous experiences with other dealerships, they would give you a car similar if not better than the one you drive. It was just so disappointing that the VIP treatment stops the moment you purchase. When I tried to call and speak to someone about it, I was put through a voicemail. Great job failing a client who bought two cars from you."
5 days ago
"Whenever I've gone to the service department James has always been very helpful and professional. He is also extremely efficient. Additionally, I never feel as if James is rushing to handle my service request to clear his desk. Also of interest, he appears to take copious notes regarding your reason for being there and completion of worked received for my auto."