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"Absolute worst experience of my life . Took my Alfa Guilia in for its first oil change since I have owned it . I have a special scripted Full engine cover which goes over the entire engine compartment. This is a special manufacturer add on. When I returned home and parked my car I checked under the hood and it was not there . I called the dealer service department, and after being on hold for 45 minutes I reached service advisor Danny and later Joe. They informed me that I must be mistaken there was no such cover and basically called me a liar ! I subsequently contacted Alfa US offices and Ogara Coach where I purchased the car last April , and they both compared the VIN and part categories and confirmed that yes, the cover was on there . The car is always garaged , less than 2,000 miles since last April when I purchased it. I have a detail company that comes to my house and each and every time he opens the hood to show me how shiny the full cover scripted engine cover is . I feel completely violated . This cover was in place before I went to Westbrook Alfa and was not on my vehicle when I returned home . The dealership is responsible and takes no responsibility for their lack of action . If you go on their website you can not even find a General managers name or any other management listed . The only manager listed is an Experience manager AKA Swan . I would warn anyone to run not walk from this dealership . If you were looking to purchase an Alfa by the way , the average cost from this dealer of misfits and liars are 13,000.00 over MSRP as I noted while waiting 2hours for my fleece and oil change . Scott McNeal, Westlake Village, Ca."
"The customer service here is awesome. Bruce and Emil are the best. Always helpful .Always looking out for me and my Alfa."