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"Dear Service, Thank you for being so kind and accommodating. When I drove to Fort Worth for service after being told it would be 6 weeks to get a loaner from the Jaguar dealership here in Austin I knew I would have great service from Autobahn but did not expect the generosity I received. I expressed a valid real concern about my windshield and the dangers caused by the solar lines when combated with headlights, stop lights, for that matter any lights while driving at night. You combine a dangerous situation with rain, one can become literally blinded while driving. I have been trying to find a solution to getting a new windshield since about three weeks after purchasing the car, the first time I drove my new car at night. I never would have had any idea as you do not test drive a car at night. As you know it has rained for almost three months now here in Texas and about a month ago my husband and I were driving at home in the dark, pouring rain and passing a raised truck and for moments I had to slam on my breaks as we could not see anything out the front windshield because we were completely blind. This situation is already a dangerous one, but combined with the solar lines in the windshield that disperse light it could be deadly as Jaguar should address. The benefits of a "heated" windshield are simply NOT worth it. Autobahn has not only found a solution for me to get a new windshield that still has all the features I purchased with the car other than being heated, they have agreed to pay for the replacement. I was not expecting this nor was my intent but I am truly grateful. I do hope that my concerns are raised up to a higher level before someone gets into a wreck, maybe not even understanding what happened to them as it took me a little while to figure out it was not my eyes it was the windshield causing the problem."
"My car was recently repaired. During the body work, I lost both insurance card and registration. Your staff patiently helped me to secure additional documents that allowed me get my car inspected. "