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"I had been looking for over one month. Spending way too much time and energy. I have three new lease cars with my family of 6. Needless to say but we are going over our lease miles due to several factors. I wanted an elegant used car so I would feel good driving it. I was looking for an Audi, Mercedes, or Jaguar. Wasted a lo of time looking at garbage elsewhere. Checked out their car lot and found several quality cars to choose from Settled on a 2006 Jaguar with low miles for the same price other dealers were trying to sell me high millage garbage. I know where I will go for my daughters used cars when the need arises...Quattro of Redford. Doug and Mike are laid back and even finance the car at good rates. Terence R. of Farmington Hills, Mi."
"This was my first time at this dealership. Caleb Hernandez was amazing and was extremely helpful explaining everything about the F-Pace. The car is amazing but it helps to have a dealership that is happy to work with you to find the right car for you....not just sell you what they have available.. There wasn't any part of this process that didn't go smoothly. Thank you Park Place Jaguar!!"