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"I have been driving a 2008 Jaguar XJ8L for the past 6 years and really liked the car. I also have an XK8 Jag Convertible and a Lexus SUV. I was very happy with my XJ but wanted the newer body style so stopped to see if I would lose any interior space if I traded up. Turns out I didn't, The sales guide was personable, professional and knowledgeable but not pushy, The appraiser was easy to talk with and the Finance and Insurance person was also professional. It was a quick and enjoyable purchase and I am enjoying me new body style XJL sedan. When the F Pace comes out I will try to talk my wife into trading her Lexus (her eighth in a row) so that be a tough sell. But if we trade we will go back to Gulf Coast."
"Recently I was searching for a new luxury vehicle and came across WestCoast Auto sales because they had a beautiful Jaguar XJ with custom rims. I contacted the dealership and reached Cesar Velasco. He was eager to help and I was impressed with how he knew many of the features of the Jaguar. When you have over 300 cars on your lot that is not an easy accomplishment. He was very accommodating and made the purchasing process easy. When it came time to negotiate a deal he did not waste time going back and forth. He brought me to Ali and Albert who cut me an excellent deal. I enjoyed their professional no bologna approach. If you show up as a business man having done all your research, they will do all they can to get you into the car you desire. I will be back to buy my wife her next car. Cheers Gentleman"