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"Always friendly, professional, and honest service. Have worked with Dan and Steve Petry for eleven years and they are the reason I still own and love this car. Thanks, Gents. "
KC Shannon
"Not all dealerships are created equal! I would like to name a salesperson that went out of her way to help us. ...And not just one time. Her name is Ginger. You Should Remember Her Name. She is genuine and not pushy. If she doesn't know the answer to your question, she' ll find out. She won't pretend to know just to get by. She treats you like a pal, or family member. It's so refreshing to meet someone that is sincere in the car business. She genuinely enjoys the cars she sells and test drives. She learns what they are-and what they are built to do... And as someone there NOT buying a car, she included me in the conversation. I appreciated not being invisible. Let's face it. Most of us feel a bit uncomfortable going to a dealership just to "BROWSE" expecting to be pounced upon within minutes- even before you get a chance to narrow down your interest. If you are in the market to lease, buy new or a used Jaguar.. please check out this dealership. I am not getting paid for my statement. In fact, I am an entertainer and can't personally afford any of these cars at the moment. But I saw sincerity and genuineness and that counts. I wanted to share my experience while shopping with my boyfriend -who has a real passion for this brand...and DID lease a Jag from Ginger and got his current car serviced. Just Ask for Ginger. She's a real superstar!"