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"James was very patient in answering all of my questions via email while I was shopping for an F-Type. I found him to be helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable in getting me the information I needed. A great quote was direct and quick, without having to haggle. Visiting the dealership was straight forward. James showed me a couple vehicles I was interested in and helped me come to a decision. He really went above and beyond my expectations even getting his hands dirty helping me get the car on a trailer, with great patience and care, as if he were helping a friend. I was in a bit of a hurry at the end, short on time, and Jim in finance got me through there efficiently — a real pro. It was worth the long drive."
"From start to finish Ray Catena Jaguar does it better than anyone. Alan Burnside took care of my every need, including finding the best deal available and making the entire experience painless. In general, consumers today face apathetic sales reps, poor customer service and virtually no follow up. This dealership should teach the class on how to satisfy and exceed customer expectations. they set the standards and to date, I have not found another company that rises to their level. Well done!"