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"Wilde Jaguar of Sarasota lives up to the "Exceptional" buying and service experience of owning a Legendary automobile. I would highly recommend Jordan & Shayne they both went out of their way to make my purchase and service experience stress free and enjoyable."
"Not a single flaw in service and scheduling. Great work, clean and comprehensive. Gary Sunley was very courteous, efficient and helpful. The rest of the service team was very polite and helpful too. The oil change and coolant flush and fill were done quickly; we found no need to take advantage of their loaner car. Our car was waiting for us after a quick look at the cars in the showroom, then lunch across the street. No waiting. They cleaned the car after service, and provided a more comprehensive check of systems and what may need service soon. Considering I've always taken care of my cars and always check them over, their suggestions accurately reflected the conditions of the car that I was aware of. That builds my confidence in the integrity of their service department. It starts our relationship with a good level of trust. The one place I could see room for improvement is in providing what the cost will be for standard service before the work begins. The estimate before hand didn't include things like shop materials and other incidentals that add to the bill, and cost of standard maintenance should already be defined. That said, the end cost was very reasonable, and worth the service they provided. I will drive the extra miles for service at Crown Jaguar. That day Gary Sunley, associated mechanics and the maintenance team gained a satisfied customer for Crown Jaguar."