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"My father bought a new Ford Edge from Al Packer's White Marsh Ford earlier this year for me. The salesman sold it to us online and we picked it up late at night, so he said if we see any scratches to just let them know and they'd take care of it on my next visit. Stating, "since the vehicle was a left over 2016 Edge, it had been on the lot for a long time, to please go over the vehicle in detail and if there were any scratches or damages, they'd be fixed on my next visit". I shortly had Virginia tags on the vehicle due to my father being the primary owner and me being the co-owner. I became a Maryland resident within less than a month, and at that time, my vehicle was under 1000 miles. I called to the dealership to get my Maryland vehicle inspection done there and spoke with Aaron Younger, who was able to get us in for the inspection right away. When I came in for the inspection, I informed Aaron of two scratches that were on the vehicle, at that time Aaron looked at them and told us that the detail worker would be in at 11AM; and it would be no problem to get the scratches buffed out, so he recommended we wait. We had been waiting since 7:30AM, for the Maryland state vehicle inspection to be completed, so we figured we might as well stay. After waiting for at least an hour after 11AM, for the scratches to be buffed out, Aaron informed us the scratches were too deep to fix by buffing. He said he would order paint and contact me when it came in soon. I received a call a month later from Service Director, Paul Sarandos, who offered to cover the Maryland State inspection I had completed on my brand new vehicle. Paul Sarandos went above and beyond his job, to make sure quality service was rendered, and that I was happy. I much appreciated his honesty and integrity to his job! After over a month of no contact from Aaron, I decided to call him about the scratches and he said to come in the next week and it would be fixed (since the buffing didn't work the first time). I brought the vehicle in at 8AM, and had my fiancé follow me, to save the dealership money on an Enterprise rental car, because he said he would need the car for awhile. At 5:30PM, same day, Aaron called me to say my car was ready and that he would not be there but he would leave my keys with the receptionist. I came to pick up my car and to my surprise, the scratches were fixed at a standard that NO ONE would deem acceptable. They were not fixed properly...I would describe that it looked like they were fixed with nail polish. It was a horrific sight and the scratches were more noticeable than ever!! The car was filthy with dirt, wax residue, smudgemarks, fingerprints and the area "worked on" was not properly cleaned. I believe the vehicle should have been properly washed prior to work, which was not the case. My fiancé and I were shocked and taken back from the appearance of what has now become of, my pride and joy, my new Ford Edge. We immediately walked inside towards the front desk where we were approached by salesman, Ray Rigdon, to be helped. We explained the situation and he promptly attended to us. His actions were completely professional, oriented to taking care of the customer and achieving customer satisfaction. Thanks to Ray and his attentive customer service skills, I started to feel more at ease about the situation. Although Ray was not my original salesman, he took the liberty on behalf of the dealership, to ensure he would try to resolve this issue within all of his power. He even had my car looking presentable my washing it before I left. Talk about GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! While Ray was attending to us, my original salesman walked past numerous times and never came over to address my issue, nor did the gentleman who prepared thenfinancials during purchase. I highly recommend anyone who goes to this dealership to go straight to Ray Rigdon and you will receive exceptional service in all fields of the car buying experience!! Thank you Paul and Ray for achieving outstanding customer service at Al Packer's White Marsh Ford!"
Bob ford fan
"Scheduling prompt and simple ,friendly and knowledgeable. Wait time more than reasonable and other dealership employees asked if there was anything I needed while I waited."