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"Had the worst experience ever. If i could rate it at 0 i would. Took my car Porsche Panamera in for repairs after being involved in an accident, not only did they not fix my existing issues, they broke what was working to begin with and refuse to accept it. I brought the car there with one issue, picked up with several. Including a transmission and check engine lights on. Owned this car for a while and never had issues with sensors or transmission, until i picked it up after service from them. When i pointed it out to them they blamed this on me and said if i didn't like how they serviced/fixed my car to not come back to them. And refuse to fix or work on my car at this dealership ever again. Id myself not want them to ever touch my car again, but the point is i brought my car in with a spoiler problem, and by the time they were done, trunk and my pano roof was all not functioning. After speaking with all of their managers, including general and service managers, i realized none of them are knowledgeable about their product and service. BE AWARE OF THIS PLACE!!!! If you want to bring your car for even as simple as oil change, you might be needing a whole new transmission or engine after you pick it up!!!! Contacted Porsche Headquarters and response was it's not our problem deal with Porsche of Beachwood! Will never buy another Porsche ever!!! Do your own homework and google search for all Porsche problems before buying Porsche..."
"Always do their best to provide quality service and meet the customer's expectations. Have been dealing with Rusnak Westlake for years and appreciate the personal service delivered."