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"I had a great experience in trading my lease with a new one. I had a few phone calls with the salesperson before I went to the dealership. Once I got to the dealership, I received a very good offer within 30 minutes. They knew that I don't like to play the number game, so they cut to the chase and didn't waste any time. I was able to purchase a car and leave the dealership in less than 2 hours. There was no pressure and no stress throughout the process. I will definetely go back. Thank you, Julie and Neil!! "
Stephanie Evans
"I'm a realtor and had a very tight schedule that day. Greg, Justin & Adrian took care of my family's needs in 2 hours. We experienced excellent customer service, our needs were met throughout the process, we also received a loan with a low rate and no prepayment penalty. No extended wait periods. If you are looking for a car, call The Toy Barn first! You'll be glad you did!"