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"We go to the old dealership for service for few years ,now the new one.just had really unpleasant experiences there (see recently reviewed). Few days ago,my wife's MDX had warning light on,said the engine oil level is too low. I looked around,there was no leaks anywhere.so I took it to a independent shop to check it out.because I don't feel can trust elite acura anymore.it turned out I watched the shop had to put 2.5 Quate oil in to top it off.so the reality is we go to the elite acura for oil change they only put in half amount the oil!!!that is really good way to cutting the cost.good job!!!!!"
"Hinshaw's Acura was introduced to me by a friend years ago and I can genuinely say, everyone I have dealt with from management/sales, to finance, to service...is working for you! It's a genre of customer service that feels forgotten by most. David Ajibade has been extremely patient with me over the years and it doesn't stop with the sale.. I never knew purchasing a vehicle could actually be enjoyable. I keep going back for more... "