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"I tried scheduling an appointment that required towing with what I came to learn was just a call center. After being disconnected twice, and having to explain my situation twice, I finally ended up in Sandy's capable hands. It was at the end of a very hectic day and I was very frustrated by this point, but Sandy listened and offered to call my roadside assistance to schedule a tow truck to pick my car up the following morning, She assured me she would take care of everything. And she DID! Not only was the brake problem unrelated to the car (a rock had made its way into the caliper guard), they did not charge us to remove it and did it the same day. Sandy -you've won customers for life. Thank you!"
"Brian and Marvin aways take care of everything when I come into purchase. They are simply the best in the business. They aways know how to make the best experience for the customer. "