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"From the day I purchased my car in 2013 and the times I have come in for regular maintenance service, I have always had excellent service. Whether it was a salesperson, service personnel or cashier, everyone makes the experience very good. Jim Causley Buick has a great team on their staff."
"I felt no pressure whatsoever to make an impulsive decision. I was able to meet with mark Bradley, test drive an envision, go over some figures for a lease, and I left to ponder. I expected call after call which I would have been annoyed by, but got nary a one. this made me feel as though he appreciated my time and the financial decision I was making. days later, I called back to ask about an encore lease, he gave me answers over the phone, and invited me back to see one. I did, the numbers were well within my budget, and i'm driving it today. mark in the finance office was great to work with, efficient, and also bobby, who toured me in the service department. mark then gave me tutorials on all the hi-tech stuff in my car and told me to call back if ever I couldn't figure something out. "