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"I have always been reluctant when car shopping because you realize that the car salesman doesn't always look out for your best interests. I went to Gerard after my Ford Fiesta totaled...and what a difference in service! He took the time to look for what I wanted and guided me every step of the way. His service doesn't stop after he sells you the car-he checks in with you when you go to get an oil change! If that's not amazing service then I don't know what is--I know one thing and that is--I will get my next car from Gerard again. "
Juan Delgado
"I'm doing this review because I feel in debt with Yosvani after his great service. Today I received a follow up call from him to ask how was the car doing and if I like it, I have never received a call from any sales person to make sure I was OK. First let me say that I went to visit him about 4 month ago and he said he could get me approved but I will need $2,500 down so he explained me step by step what I should do to be in a better situation. I followed his advise and 10 days ago I was able to buy my car from him with only $800 down payment. I you want a honest and professional salesperson go and see him, he won't try to push the sale, he will advise and educate you. "