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"Thanks to Rhonda Hughes for her time and patience with me while I was deciding on what car to purchase she was very helpful in my decision making "
"My girlfriend and i purchased a 2009 enclave from this dealer 1 year ago january. We have spent 5 thousand dollars in repairs since then and just had to spend 9 thousand for an engine last week. Buick stated that it was poorly maintained prior to our purchasing the vehicle. It started off being towed within days of our purchase and ended up back at battaglia where they "repaired" the vehicle. This car has been a nightmare like you would not believe, because having just had an engine put into it it has to return to buick for a starter and to have the 2nd catalytic converter replaced for another 1260 dollars. We had the other replaced as a a part of my 1st mentioned 5 grand in repairs.SO in summary we spent 16 thousand dollars on a vehicle there that we saw on the internet and another 15060 dollars for a car with a blue book value of 11 grand. We are trapped in this nightmare of a vehicle and i wish we never saw this car or ever heard of battaglia."