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"Three week ago I made an appointment for service with a "service manager". To drop my car off before 2pm and pick up a loaner because I am driving an hour and half to the location. I called to confirm to be told that that isn't the case and I will not be getting a loaner. My vehicle is already over due for maintenance. They recently worked on my dashboard which was not put together correctly. And so I am driving my car around like this for almost 2 months now. The other supervisor calls me back and was utterly rude for someone who's profession is service and tells me that he isn't willing to work with my schedule or provide me with a car instead I will have to seat there and wait. I do not recommend this dealership to anyone. It isn't military friendly at all. "
"Very good service. In and out in good time, friendly helpful people. EXCEPT they pissed me off with changing my XM radio to hip hop with some rap crap saying F this and F that. "