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"When I drove to the dealership scared half to death about the noise coming from what seemed to be the whole bottom of my car. Mr Copeland set my mind at ease quickly and I had complete confidence in the way he and the professional team explained my problem. They further explained what they would be doing about the wheels and the estimated price. I was impressed at the swift manner in which they got the parts and knew exactly what to do. I am so happy with the experience at Stan McNabb Ford Chrysler in Tullahoma. I will certainly recommend them."
windell Adams
"My salesman was Tyrone Duncan and he worked for us like we were family. He knew what he had on his lot and only showed us what we wanted to see, relieving us of time wasted. They did all the paperwork and we only signed when needed. Tyrone stayed over after hours and helped us get the car we wanted. I would definitely recommend the dealership and Tyrone to friends and family."