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"Dennis McNamara the salesman that worked with us at the Palm Beach Location is worth requesting! He worked with us for over 9 hours helping us to find the right vehicle. His patience and professionalism were remarkable. We test drove 13 vehicles and he hung in there with us in the blazing heat figuring out our needs and helping us find just the right vehicle for our family. Kind, knowledgeable and professional. Dennis and the porters get 5 stars ALL DAY LONG! Bring your own financing if you can because the finance department was the only disappointing part of our experience. Even though we have excellent credit they tried to get us for a high interest rate and then came down a full point which was still high and then only came to a fair interest rate when we decided to leave and not do the deal.... All of a sudden they decided to give us the fair rate we asked for. After being there for 9 hours and driving over an hour to go there specifically to be treated that way at the end left us with a bad taste in our mouth. What a disappointment after Dennis did such an amazing job. Definitely do your research on fair rates and bring your own financing if you can! Dennis, wish the whole place was like you!"
"I came into the dealership to look at a few vehicles that I was interested in and enjoyed my time there. I have decided to wait on purchasing at this time but the dealership is very nice and my sales rep was also very good. I would recommend this dealership. "