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"I went to this dealership after having an awful experience at another dealership and finding a car I liked on their lot online. I was greeted respectfully and the car that I called about was prepped and ready for a test drive upon my arrival. I fell in love with the car and wanted to make an offer. After running my credit and due to it being the late evening, we were having some trouble finding a bank that would give me an acceptable interest rate. While waiting for the pending banks we were offered complimentary water, tea and delicious apple cider. The salesman built a repor with us while waiting on the finance manager. The finance manager came out and respectfully advised us of some high interest rates, but was very transparent and honest about what he found out. After waiting for a couple more banks whom we assumed were closed at this point, the staff advised us that they will work hard on this issue tomorrow. They allowed me to take the car home for the evening and they were to call me the next morning with the interest rates of other banks. The next morning, the finance manager called with a reasonable interest rate and my exact monthly payments. I agreed to the terms and we were to meet in a few hours. A little later, the finance manager called back to give me better news, which was he got my interest rate lowered even more! I was ecstatic. When we came in that evening, the finance manager had our paperwork ready and the car was sent to be cleaned immediately. It was a fairly fast process to purchase the car. We had a wonderful experience full of hospitality, understanding and transparency. I would absolutely recommend this dealership to others!"
"We had a great experience overall. We love the 07 Lucerne, its the car we have always wanted, but feel there could have been more movement in the list price. we would have purchased the vehicle out rite if they would have come down 500 dollars instead of financing it. Although they did an excellent job of finding us financing with a rough credit history."