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"So if anyone is planning on getting any service done on your vehicle DO NOT take it to Vande Hey Brantmeier. This is the interaction that I just had with them. I have a ’06 Buick Lucerne that has 150,000+ miles on it. It is a good car and hasn’t had really any major repairs needed. It has had an intermittent coolant leak for a while. It would leak a bit and then stop, leak then stop. So finally I decided to have it looked at. I was going to be in Sheboygan on Friday July 29th for work so I dropped the car off at a dealership to have them test it. They informed me that it was the Timing Belt Cover Gasket that was leaking. This is a big job that involved tearing the side of the engine off and dropping the oil pan as well. I asked if they had time to fix it seeing that I was going to be going to Indianapolis the following Thursday on vacation. They did not, so I called Vande Hey Brantmeier in Chilton to see if they could fit it in. I have had service done there before that seemed fine. There prices weren’t great but they weren’t bad either. They could get it in on Tuesday, August 2nd. All was good, so I thought. I get a call from them Tuesday morning informing that it was not the Timing Belt Cover Gasket it was the Intake Manifold Gasket. GM is known for their leaky Intake Manifold Gaskets, which was not out of the question either. But at that time I questioned and challenged their service manager to confirm that the Timing Belt Cover was not leaking and he swore that it was not. Okay well I needed fixed, so I told them to go ahead. $680 and late Wednesday afternoon later I get my car back, being assured that it was tested and good to go. Thursday I drove down to Indy and parked the car in the parking lot of the hotel and didn’t touch it until Saturday morning. Saturday morning I check it and notice the coolant was a bit low in the overflow tank. I fill it, just attributing it to not properly “burping” the system. Drove back from Indy and on Sunday morning checked it again and again it was a bit low. Again fill it, and continue to monitor it. Again Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday a bit low and I filled it. Thursday coolant is now pouring out of the engine. Friday I call Brantmeier and they tell me to bring it in on Tuesday August 16th. Take the car in and receive a call later in the morning informing me that the Timing Belt Cover Gasket is indeed leaking. That’s right; the original problem that I took it there for, but was told and assured was not the issue. Well they “gave me a deal” and fixed it for $390. I was not happy about this. But I needed to get it fixed so go ahead and do the work. This time it took them until Thursday August 18th to finish the work. Again I get the car back with guarantees that the car was pressure tested, test drove, and all the fluids were topped off. I decided to check it Thursday, only to find that the overflow tank was completely bone dry and the cap was open. I had to put over a half a gallon of coolant in my car before it was full. So that is now a gallon of fluid since getting the car back from them the first time. I contacted their General Manager Justin Brantmeier about this and he was going to talk to the service manager and the technician about it. The following day I notice that the front shield that is behind the front clip is hanging down. I had a few years ago, tore the lower molding strip off in the winter on snow bank, which slightly damaged the front clip. It wasn’t anything major so I decided not to repair it. But the shield was secured in place even with the minor damage. I called and inform Justin of this as well and he told me that he talked to Jim the service manager and the technician about the situation. They swore that everything was tested, checked, and topped off before my vehicle was given back to me. I informed him that it wasn’t possible for them to pressure test and drive the vehicle for 15 miles and then check it again for them to not see that the vehicle was low on coolant. It is just not possible. Basically the conversation boiled down to them one; never admitting they made a mistake and 2 it was clear that my money, now almost $1100 was more important to them then me being a satisfied customer. I had contacted a number of other dealerships in the Appleton and Sheboygan areas and asked them what they would have done in the same situation and the answers ranged from the second repair being free, only paying for parts for the second repair, to a discounted rate for the second repair. To add insult to injury, I finally checked the oil in my vehicle this weekend to fine that the dipstick was broken. I found that after I had to repair the front shield that was hanging down under the car because the broke the front clip even more as well as not putting some of the body clips that hold the shield in place back in. So in total this coolant leak cost me: • Just shy of $1100 to their service department (also 5 business days for roughly 11 hours’ worth of repair work – I know this because I got the times for the repairs from another dealership) • A gallon of coolant (my cost) • 30 minutes and $5 worth of clips to repair the front shield (my cost and time) • $15 for a new dipstick (my cost) In conclusion, DO NOT take your vehicles to Vande Hey Brantmeier for repair, and I would also recommend not buying a vehicle there either. "
"I had a great experience at this dealership! I was called to come take a look at the car I wanted, it was so easy from the get go!"